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Improve findability and visibility

Be ranked #1 on Google

We offer a full range of required SEO services including strategy, planning, web design, content & backlinks. We promote your business by telling a more compelling story that makes you be found on the first page of Google, stand out and make sales. 

Be found in Google

Our services will help your website

  1. Your website is correctly linked through Google Maps and Google My Business
  2. Your SEO has a strategy and a clear direction
  3. Your website will look better than your competitors.
  4. Technically, your website is perfect, and displays correctly on all devices
  5. Your website appears on the first page of Google
  6. You will be optimising for the right keywords
  7. You are proud of the content and images that are on your site
  8. Your site is up to date.
  9. Whilst you are working in the business, we are working on the business.

Strategy & Planning

What to do and how to do it. A concrete plan for Google success with predictable results written by a digital marketing consultant with 17 years of experience.

Dominate your local market by ranking #1 for every key phrase and location. You have come to the right company. We have been doing this for 17 years.

Content Strategy

The first step is keyword discovery. Then, a content plan for the year. You cannot beat the competition without professional content that persuades, sells, and optimises for Google.

Technical Audits

What is holding the site back? What is making it slow? We offer full diagnostics service, and then we fix all errors. Your website would also benefit from having more links. Backlinks are like validations.

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Maximise Revenue from Google's free traffic

Optimisation for ‘Google Search’ is the process of writing content, optimising the website’s code and building backlinks so that Google understands our client’s services or products and ranks them highly in its index (just under the adverts).

We attract your ideal customer through a combination of superior web design, optmised code and copy that informs and persuades AND, most importantly, is found.

Although we are creative writers who tell compelling stories, all our decisions are made using data insights to confirm our innovation and thought processes.

Factors that affect your Google ranking

Google is constantly evolving. Their AI algorithms are now so complicated they are moving closer to (human) intelligence.

  1. Content Optimisation
  2. Backend Code
  3. Off-Page Factors (backlinks)
  4. Choosing the right keywords
  5. Maximising on conversion

Can you afford not use Google Search to drive your business? With ROIs of over 3000%, we don’t think so.


Content (On Page)

Good content is about winning customers’ attention and compelling a buying action.

Copy is a large part of on-page optimisation as it encompasses keywords and sales pitch; it is the story you tell web users about your business. It is the words, the voice, the tone, images and video, even a shop!

Professional content creation is essential in Google’s scoring metrics and is our most popular service for improving Google Search rankings.

Broadly it is

  • What you sell
  • Why do you sell it
  • Why should I buy from you.
  • Can I trust you.

Code Optimisation (On Page)

Google’s index is one giant computer that reads code and has a set of rules (algorithms) to rank a website.

Computers read code, not just wordsThe code helps Google to understand the written content. 

Optimising your code was the original essence of search engine optimisation. It was a set of rules (an algorithm!) that would rank top of Google if you followed them.

There have been many changes within code optimisation. Now it is less a process of correct Metadata and Headings and more a question of mark-up language and JSON-LD.

Code optimisation is more than maintenance; it is the technical employment of a service that works hand in hand with new content. It is a case of optimising WP themes, marking up code and maximising speed and UI.



Off-Page Optmisation

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your content.

Off-page Google Search factors like backlinks, reviews, content, social media, etc. All of these aspects form signals to Google about a site's trustability.

All of these aspects form signals to Google about a site's trustability.

The list seems long; however, only parts affect your ranking position in Google.

Backlinks without updated content and UI are unlikely to have much effect. Improving a reputation or being active on social media will not convince Google to rank a poor website.

Backlinks and signals confirm content; they are reliable witnesses to your business's USP, product offerings and services.


SEO Services explained

Unfortunately, content is not King.

Well-written content is not sufficient to rank highly on Google. Being seen by Googlebot as ‘on the ball’ and up to date can only be achieved with a marriage of code optimisation and words.

Part of the code optimisation includes encouraging another website to endorse your own opinion “that you are well qualified, proficient and deserving of #1 ranking on Google.”

To achieve the desired result and ROI, we must explore what is on your website and translate what we find into something that Google will agree to rank #1.

Full list of services
SEO StrategyHow will SEO help serve the needs of the business?
AnalysisGoogle Analytics and other conversion metrics, what is the site delivering?
SEO AuditWhat is broken and needs fixing.
Technical SEOWhat is missing and needs adding
Content AuditIndexing what has already been written
Content StrategyCreating a list of what needs writing, when and by whom
Local SEOLocal SEO is often a part of a content plan, especially when a business location is fixed, like a shop or a dental practice
SEO PlanWhat SEOs needs does the website require off page and on page
Backlink PlanHow are we to successfully build new backlinks to support our content
Conversion OptmisationEnsuring that we convert as many website visitors into paying customers
ReportingWhat did we do, what worked and what was the result

Vanilla Circus works for over 44 dentists. See our SEO services for Dentists.

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Connect with Local Searches

Often mistaken as simply Google my business, if your customers visit your place of work, local search optimisation could be an essential part of your digital strategy. Local SEO is a bricks-and-mortar business strategy that, if implemented correctly, can be invaluable to a small business.

Our UK clients remain with VC because we consistently rank their websites on the first page of Google for the keywords below.

* We monitored 611 new patient enquiries and noted location and distance.

  • Bus advertising + location
    Billboards advertising + London
  • Radio advertising + Surrey
  • Braces + Location
  • Cosmetic Dentist + London
  • Rehab + location
  • Dental crowns + Location
  • Airbnb Management + location
  • Short-term holiday lets + Norfolk
  • Dental implants + Manchester
  • Dentist + Guildford
  • Local advertising + Leeds
  • Tube advertising + Kent
  • Emergency dentist + Sussex
  • Fillings + Luton
  • Gum disease + Berkshire
  • Hygienist + Hampshire
  • Invisalign + Devon

Everything starts with a plan

With every client, we start with a strategy for attracting the right traffic from Google and for which keywords.

It is a fluid document that is amended and changed monthly as we reach milestones. 

See the example for the first three months.

The length and scope of the plan depend on the size of the business or the complexity of the work.

Google has been studying ‘professional websites’ since 1998. It has a copy of every website, its code and content since then.

In short, it has created a list of metrics distinguishing the experienced and qualified from the also-rans. The list is ever-changing and now includes additions like page loading speed. See here.

If you read the 200+ list, many points could make little sense.

That is why we are writing this page in plain English and using terms and language that are simple to comprehend.

This is why we can execute the on-page and code side of your Google Search marketing.

Our job is first to understand Google’s current algorithm and translate its rules into processes that can improve clients’ content, code, and off-page metrics that satisfy Google’s criteria for ranking a site #1.

The second part is to anticipate what improvements Google will make in the future.

Producing the right balance of code, content and backlinks

It is not about fooling Google; the services we offer businesses are about working together to create the best version of the internet that we can, where our clients can be rewarded by a high-ranking position within Google, and heightened findability.

There are essentially three parts of a website that need assistance to work in harmony so that Google will reward the site with a high-ranking position.

Expand your reach and your audience with solid SEO-targeted services that have constantly evolved since 2009. 

See how we can best help your business.

Most VC clients never look back