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Est 2007

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We serve small businesses and corporate clients with Google Optimisation services that result in more traffic and sales and a superior website that is both future-proof and a source of pride.

Oldest SEO Company in the UK | 2007


Our Offices in Ripley

The internet is full of Google experts and digital marketing gurus. Unfortunately, as most are reading the same websites and speaking the same language, it is tough to determine who is genuine and who the charlatans are.

VC is the original SEO Company in the UK.

We are results-driven and affordable for most small businesses. In the long run, nothing else matters more than increasing the number of leads and sales for our customers. 

We work out of offices in Ripley, Surrey, and all our staff have degrees in Marketing, Design, English or Computer Science.



Vanilla Circus was formed in 2007, and within one year, it expanded into new Wimbledon offices and hired its first employees. 

We specialise in local SEO and have worked with certain industries, like medical, health, and finance, and with businesses of all sizes in London, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire.

Why you can Trust VC.

Our talented, diverse team

Who you'll be working with

Four content creators, two developers, one designer and one branding expert, means we can offer an all-encompassing digital marketing service. Together, we make up VC, a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to studying and interpreting Google’s algorithm.

We Do What We Love

Why We Care So Much

Caring about what we do makes us very good at it, and it’s always a pleasure to do the work we love. Benedict Sykes, our founder, has the gift of looking at a website and knowing exactly what needs to be changed to gain a high Google ranking.

The Magic of Marketing

Our results are a magical. Seeing the numbers of users converting into customers through the content we write and the UX pathways we create will never get old. We see it happen in real time daily, and the magic only improves.

Ethics & Responsibility​

Committed To Building An Inclusive Agency

We are trusted to look after and build content for many websites. We work mainly within the health sector and manage live chat portals for prospective patients. This means often dealing with people in mental or physical pain. See our Diversity and Inclusion.   We have lots of reviews on Google and Trustpilot. More.

This means that we have to be aware of how we interact and manage ourselves on a daily basis. VC is a trusted brand. All clients come to learn that we do what we say and work incredibly hard to help their business grow organically mirroring their own values.

It’s important for Vanilla Circus to continue the trust and respect we have been awarded by our clients, both past and present.

Is everything we tell VC confidential?

Yes, it is. All contracts can include an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. We like to talk about SEO, but we will not talk about a client’s work with anyone outside of that company. All financial information and web traffic are strictly confidential. Privacy.

Several clients are Digital Marketing Agencies, where we work on a white-label basis. Here we stay completely anonymous.