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Established 2007 | Surrey SEO

About Vanilla Circus

Ensuring successful business growth for local businesses in Surrey with digital marketing and SEO takes a special mix of creativity, data, technical know-how and experience. That’s what you can expect with Vanilla Circus. But there’s more to working with us than that.

Our digital services result in more traffic, sales and a superior website that is both future-proof and a source of pride.

Driving Business Growth

Honest, Reliable & Trusted

Prior to 2007, Vanilla Circus offered traditional marketing services, with our roots being in print. However, for the last 16 years, we’ve evolved to a 360 digital marketing service, specialising in SEO and organic search traffic. 

With a specific focus on number-one Google results and convertible pages, we can’t be beaten. Our clients not only enjoy huge influxes of organic search traffic but traffic that has a transactional intent.

Our clients have full access to a passionate and diverse team, who have years of experience in their fields, making them the go-to for all things digital. Clients have stayed with us for years because we focus on marketing strategies that matter and only deliver results closest to the money.

Create a strategy that targets your customers and boosts your ROI. Start now.

Your website team

With a team of content creators, developers, designers, SEO consultants, and branding experts, we can offer an all-encompassing digital marketing service. 

We're not limited

We specialise in local SEO and have dominated certain industries, like health, and finance for businesses of all sizes in Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire.

We care

Caring about what we do makes us very good at it, and it’s always a pleasure to do the work we love. Benedict Sykes, our founder, has the gift of looking at a website and knowing exactly what needs to be changed to gain a high ranking.

Unbeatable results

Our results are a magical. Seeing the numbers of users converting into customers through the copy we write and the UX pathways we create will never get old. We see it happen in real time daily, and the magic only improves.

Benedict Sykes Founder

Benedict Sykes

Senior Strategist

John Graham

Creative Director

Carol Evans

Analytics Lead

Libby Smith

Copy Manager

James gregor

James Gregor


Martha Reynold

Marketing Executive

We're in this together. Our team Always strives for better to deliver even stronger results than the month before.

Vanilla Circus is a small, succinct team of marketing professionals in Surrey because we keep it simple. We’re all based locally and never work remotely, which means our clients know us by name and individually.

Made up of no-nonsense SEO experts and digital gurus, our diverse team has a combined experience of over 100 years running successful companies and taking them to the top of Google. 

Our forward-thinking and proactive approach delivers results month after month, which are driven by analytics and data to be even bigger and better than before, all of which you’ll get to see through easy-to-understand reports.

By choosing our marketing team as your digital partners, clients benefit from having access to a wide range of services and skills from each member, who specialises in a particular area of digital marketing. 

Together the whole team works together to develop and deliver a strategy that’s unique and tailored to your business growth and needs.

Increase Profits The Right Way

A marketing team with one clear focus to help you stand out online

Our approach is different because we don’t use PPC or social media as a main focus to drive business growth. In fact, we don’t offer PPC at all because our skills get you there organically. 

With us, you spend one fixed fee per month and will never have to find additional budget for PPC spending or social media adverts.

SEO is our core discipline, and we’ve never lost this focus because it’s what keeps our client’s businesses afloat and alive.

We find competing SEO agencies in Surrey, who offer PPC as one of their core services will never deliver the organic search results you need, that’s why businesses in Surrey always find their way back to us, eventually.

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“Partner with a company like ours; you’ll never feel like a number. Instead, relax, knowing your business is always a priority regardless of budget.”

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