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You might not read about VC in a blog, nor see us in a “best SEO list” website, we do not comment in forums, nor do we advertise.

You may read quotes from VC in the Guardian, Times and on the BBC. We prefer the telephone to email and if we do not think we can help you then we will say so immediately.

Vanilla Circus© is a very capable, quiet company that exists very much to serve SEO gained traffic to our client’s websites

We believe in attraction rather than promotion. If you live in the UK, you will have visited at least one of the websites we manage, at some time in the last 18 months.

A number of our clients check in once a year, safe in the knowledge that their work is being taken care of professionally and successfully.

Vanilla Circus© was formed in 2009. The core personnel came together to form an agency that is solely dedicated to unpaid search also called organic search. Originally based in Wandsworth the company quickly outgrew its first offices and is now located in Wimbledon Park London SW19.

VC Office - LondonVanilla Circus© was the brainchild of Mr Ben Sykes. In 2001 he designed his first website and by 2003 he became more interested in how a website attracts traffic from Google.

By 2009 having cut his teeth on a number of large projects and having worked at a leading Digital Marketing Agency, he decided that the only way forward was to develop an SEO Agency that could keep true with his own beliefs about the Internet and Search.

“The true purpose of the Internet is the freedom of information from the publisher, the blogger, the website owner to the end-user. It is the right information at the right time presented in such a way as to be easily found and assimilated by the user. It is a free flow, a superhighway of ideas, expressions and facts that transcend the individual and exists in an arena outside of common laws and governments, it is knowledge freely given, freely accepted, freely found.”

It was on this basis, and true to his belief, that Mr Sykes left his last agency in 2009 to set up a business that concentrated on harnessing this free-floating power in a commercial sense. Supplying SEO services, conceiving SEO strategies and generating huge numbers of unique visitors is what pays the bills, while the real magic, the real research, goes on in the background to help us begin to understand the complexities and the scope of the Internet not only in 2015 but in 2016, 2017 and now with Google’s relevance and mobile updates in 2018-19.

Vanilla Circus© now employs 5 full-time staff and gives work to over 11 freelancers. Our technical skills, extensive SEO knowledge, and our core beliefs allow us to work in an environment where creative free flow meets technical hard drive.

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You will not be distracted by individual keyword pricing or plagued with requests for more content for more articles. At no time will you be in the dark about what you’re agency is actually doing. VC believe in transparency which means clear communication sent weekly and sometimes that means admitting that we got something wrong.

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