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Updated 2024 Prices

SEO Costs for Surrey Companies

Common SEO pricing models and what to expect so you can decide what’s worth your time.

Share your budget and we'll put together an SEO plan outlining what's achievable in your given time-frame

When you set your SEO budget, you set the pace

We’re here to make you money. However, we can only do this successfully when building digital marketing packages that make sense for your future and align with your budget. Even though SEO is a race to the top, sometimes, we have to be slow and steady to win it. 

That’s why businesses in Surrey love partnering with us. They set their budget, and we assign a set of hours that help them achieve their goals, one step at a time, at a pace they can afford.

No additional costs, no nasty surprises, just one monthly fee.

SEO hourly cost

  • Testing out SEO for the first time
  • Operating in niche industries
  • One-off advice from a consultant
  • Getting your website set up 
  • Keeping your budgets low
  • Attracting new customers across Camberley, Cobham, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford etc.

SEO by the hour is typically best for businesses that have a huge online presence already and need work here and there to sustain their position. 

Or for unsure businesses not invested in SEO to the results it can achieve first without investing too heavily.

SEO monthly cost

  • Targeting new customers
  • Operating in competitive spaces
  • Expanding reach across the UK
  • Building up the blog or site copy
  • Needing a steady stream of links

Monthly SEO is recommended for businesses with big goals that want to be achieved quickly. 

It will help you stand out in competitive markets and industries and give you access to a full range of digital marketing services.


Pre-made packages, which include a certain amount of hours per month will help you jump straight into SEO without a hitch.




    We'll ensure your website ranks locally for your products and services, showing up within a 10-mile search radius to expand your reach across your region or county. Once this is complete, we'll begin to go after the more competitive keywords, offering everything in our advanced package just at much slower pace. So, if you're in a very competitive space, it might take more than a year to scale your business and have it compete with the top-players in your industry.

What's included?
  • Local SEO within 10 miles
  • 5 new pages, new links or optimisation
  • Basic conversion optimisation
  • Desktop and mobile optimisation



    With advanced SEO, you can expect to see your business appear in a competitive space in 3-6 months, not just locally, but nationally too. The strategy will be more aggressive, which will include a bigger output of copy, content and links. You'll also gain access to a wider range of digital marketing services, like improved web design, landing page templates, offer graphics, banners and more.

What's included?
  • Improved web design
  • Creation of branded graphics
  • Campaign offers and deals
  • Improved page templates
  • Live chat answered by a human
  • Page & site speed optimisation
  • Branded images
  • 10-15 pages of content per month minimum
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Conversion tracking & reporting
  • Local and national SEO
  • Meetings (zoom and in-person)
  • Website maintenance and management
  • Technical SEO (meta, code & schema)
  • Content gaps and competitor research
  • Improved contact forms and contact options
  • Optimisation for laptops and iPads
  • Monthly reports



    Our PRO plan is for the most ambitious companies, who need to see results almost immediately. As the most aggressive SEO package we offer, companies can expect us to complete their local SEO within one month, and then move onto national searches and keywords from here. It means that per month, we can focus on a certain area or product and ensure it has all the copy, links and optimisation it needs to thrive. Plus, we'll comb through pages and ensure your website delivers an incredible experience for desktop, mobile and iPad users, increasing your conversions and traffic at the same time.

What's included?
  • Web design services
  • Graphics, banners and pop-ups
  • Campaign offers and deals
  • Improved page templates
  • UX optimisation / mobile designs
  • Live chat answered by a human
  • Page & site speed optimisation
  • Branded images
  • 20 pages of content (pages or blogs) per month minimum
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Conversion tracking & reporting
  • Local and national SEO
  • Google Local optimisation
  • Meetings (zoom and in-person)
  • Website maintenance and management
  • Hosting support and development
  • Technical SEO (meta, code & schema)
  • Content gaps and competitor research
  • Improved contact forms and contact options
  • Optimisation for laptops and iPads
  • Weekly & monthly reports

The bigger spend, the faster you'll be #1

With Vanilla Circus as a partner, any business can compete with any size of competitor. Search marketing allows for a level playing field.

How we price SEO

All our fixed-cost per-month packages are based on time, level of expertise and your specific search engine marketing needs.  They include SEO to gain sales from local and national audiences.

We know that marketing represents a business expense that needs to show a healthy return.

If you are looking for the very cheapest SEO packages and prices, then we are not the company for you.

We offer several cheapish small business start-up SEO packages and some introductory SEO packages.

However, our team has over a hundred years of combined experience, and several of our consultants have been working within the UK SEO industry for nearly 20 years. That level of expertise comes with a cost. For cut-price SEO click here.

Roll-on 90 day contracts

We ask that all Surrey business clients commit to an initial 90 days. The short notice period keeps both parties accountable and motivated. All contracts have explicit exclusivity, discounted rates, and confidentiality clauses. 

Questions to determine your budget
  1. What will make our telephone call worthwhile?
  2. What prompted you to explore Google’s organic traffic for your small business?
  3. Have you ever used an Google ranking service like ours before? If so, what happened?
  4. What would you like to see improved?
  5. What business problem are you trying to solve?
  6. What’s your approximate budget?
  7. What goals are you working towards this quarter? This year?
  8. What would that look like if you could snap your fingers and have the perfect solution for your business?
Expensive vs cheap SEO

When buying SEO on a budget, it is very understandable to go for the super-cheapest package.

Unfortunately, the saying buy cheap, buy twice can apply. We want our search engine optimisation to be valuable to your marketing.

Imagine you are hoping to increase your turnover by 20%.

Can you realistically expect a £99 per month low-cost SEO package to deliver +20 %, which, even for the very smallest business, will equate to more than £15,000+?

In other words, Vanilla Circus will quite happily give you £99 a month if you deliver £15,000 worth of revenue to us.

Your monthly price is fixed for 12 months
  • All packages are competitively priced for small businesses and sufficient to gain results with a healthy Return on Investment (ROI). We have inexpensive packages that suit companies of all sizes.
  • Manage your bottom line: all digital marketing packages are inflation-proof until mid-2024 and offer clients real value for money and easy cash flow budgeting.
Further pricing information
  • To estimate what you need to spend on getting to the top of Google, you need to work out what revenue you want to achieve. See how much do you need to spend.
  • Fixed monthly content-driven charges are set in stone for the entire financial year. New clients starting with Vanilla Circus have a 12-month price lock to be able to manage their marketing expenditure.
  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • Retainer prices are broken down into hours for clarity.
  • We price-check against our competitor’s average costs every three months to ensure our service bundles are competitively priced and not expensive.
  • Contract package costs help to reduce client spending and overhead as we can discount hourly rates.
Determining your ROI - is SEO worth it?

SEO is an investment in your website, not simply a pay-per-lead model.

All Vanilla Circus SEO packages come with content creation. So, even if you stop your SEO today, your website will have more pages, blogs, and backlinks than it did previously. So, all this residual work has a value. But of course, how much is that worth?

A better way of looking at SEO, and one that you won’t hear any SEO companies discuss, is the cost of acquisition. The cost of acquisition is the price your company has paid to secure a new client, a new piece of business, or a sale.

A simple example: You pay Vanilla Circus £1,000 monthly for SEO. At the end of the month, your website has generated 10 new clients, so the cost of acquisition is £100 per client. If a client is spending a thousand pounds, then that is fantastic. We have an ROI of 1000%.

An appropriate ROI for SEO can only be measured over a longer period, i.e., 1-2 years. Here, we would hope to see businesses that can factor in lifetime loyalty (doctors, dentists, accountants) and an ROI of 3000%+. See here.

For other businesses where the re-order rate for returning customers is 25%, an appropriate ROI would be 120%.

Things to consider are customer lifetime values and calls and all of the physical SEO service elements that remain, i.e. content, blogs, backlinks, and images your website now has, which it didn’t have before. 

Flexible Approach

Cost of one-off SEO projects

Another common way we work is with one-off projects, in which we regularly assist new and past clients in boosting their traffic or conversions. You might be at the top of Google today, but with another update or the rise of a new competitor, you might not be tomorrow.

For example, you could order 30 pages of copy, 10 blogs, half a dozen backlinks, or simply several hours of an SEO consultant’s time to answer a complicated query or question about why Google does not receive a site well. 

Further, if you have a team of your own who write your content, we can put together a long-term SEO copy plan that keeps your writers on track to boosting your traffic for the right reasons.

Whether you need our UX team to examine your core pages from a user point of view, or need us to put together a technical report to highlight reasons search engines aren’t picking up your website, we’ve got you covered. 

Examples of one-off packages & prices

Our Surrey team has a wide and varying skill set, so we can confidently take on one-off SEO projects that tackle any problem you might have. 

Basic SEO website set-up
Content & copy strategies per industry
Growth, CRO and UX package
Backlinking and authority building package
Keyword research & mapping strateygy
On page optimisation and ranking boost package
Local SEO copy and optimisation package
Website structure and architecture plan
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