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Successful SEO for UK Businesses

It's best to do one thing really, really well

  • ESTABLISHED: The original UK SEO Company (Est in 2007).
  • EXPERIENCED: 166,400 hours of SEO experience.
  • SUCCESSFUL: £65,000,000 generated in client sales from Google’s organic traffic. 23,200 pages of content created.

Be Found | Drive Sales | Stand Out

Strategy | SEO | Content | Creative+

Vanilla Circus is a boutique SEO Company established in 2007 and based in London.

Our clients buy our SEO knowledge, our creativity, proactive innovation and, above all, the sales results our digital marketing deliver time after time.

We work exclusively with several household names like Capital Radio, Classic FM and numerous small businesses, doctors, dentists and private hospitals. They trust and value our brand of SEO to drive their online revenue and leads.

Call 01483 921741; we are always here and have time to listen to new people.


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How We Solve Your Problems

Be Found

  1. Listen & create your strategy.
  2. Research high-conversion keywords.
  3. Plan and write expert, niche copy.
  4. Optimise site for high Google visibility.
  5. Attract clicks and improve conversions.
  6. Engage your target market. 
  7. Communicate, improve and repeat.

Drive Sales

  1. Attract the right, targeted customer.
  2. Proactively improve reach & connection.
  3. Tweak content to be more persuasive.
  4. Talk to your customers in real-time.
  5. Improve trust by improving reputation.
  6. Create clickable offers to sell more.
  7. Track user journeys, increase conversion.

Stand Out

  1. Develop USPs to boost brand awareness.
  2. Clear meaningful and unique messaging.
  3. Improve mobile, iPad, laptop versions.
  4. Add WOW factors, imagery and videos.
  5. Content that offers insight and inspires.
  6. New ways to connect and communicate.
  7. Deals, offers, banners and more.

How We Can Work Together

1. SEO Strategy

  • Write bold strategies to determine achievable goals, timeframes, and milestones.
  • Divide strategy into flexible plans to connect Google’s traffic to your audience.
  • Create process plan of what, where, when and by whom.
  • A goal-focused optimisation plan for both on and off-page elements.
  • Clear results expectation.
  • Monthly updates, reports and further planning.

2. Campaign Execution

  • Write professional copy without the need for input, assistance or external involvement.
  • Creating and editing web pages at speed.
  • Implementing branded images, messages and USPs.
  • Take charge of on page optimising and tweaking content until it’s perfect.
  • Dynamic optimising of code,  structured data, metadata, MYQSL and HTML.
  • Managed WordPress, site health and auditing/fixing technical errors.

3. Tracking & Reporting

  • Tracking over 15 KPIs to keep your SEO on course and in line with your business goals.
  • Accurate, informative, and transparent monthly reports on work completed and KPIs achieved.
  • Conversions tracked, detailed and reported on from all sources and mediums.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates on progress, movements and stats.
  • 2 x 30-minute Zoom meetings pm.

Why you are on this page

Specialising in Norwich SEO
Is this your problem?
  • Your website does not appear on page 1 of Google.
  • Your website is lost below your competitors.
  • The only traffic you get is from advertisements.
  • Read More.
  • Nothing is more frustrating than your SEO  not working and shelling out money every month to a company that never gives you a straight answer on why your Google optimisation is failing.
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Self-managing SEO Company

How We Deliver Predictable Results

We need minimum client input to deliver outstanding SEO results that pay for our services through a high ROI. We save clients time by doing all the hard work of planning, content writing, website maintenance and technical SEO fixes.

We believe we are the very best at what we do. We are a certified Google Partner, a member of Nominet and have excellent Google & Trustpilot reviews. 

We are also brilliant at setting & exceeding clients’ expectations, often succeeding in restoring their faith in search engine optimisation as a viable channel.

Before you buy, we need to know we can help. You need proof we can.

It’s best to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Benedict, our Founder, will review your website and answer any SEO questions you have. This can be on Zoom or a telephone call. Schedule a call.

See Case studies.

Stay Up-to-Date With In-Depth Reporting

We Keep You Constantly Informed

Real client question.

“How would VC arrange an SEO reporting (tracking and analysing website traffic, rankings, and other metrics to measure the effectiveness of SEO campaigns)?”

Customer service is at the top of our priority list. All clients are sent regular emails with updates, milestones reached, and small SERP wins.

We are always available to discuss problems, issues or new ideas. More on how and what we report on.

We know you want to hear about other businesses we have helped and the results they achieved:

At the end of every month, we report on:

  1. All agreed on KPIs and tracking with month-on-month comparisons.
  2. Including Google Positions (also available as a live feed).
  3. All work undertaken, including all content and code.
  4. Analysis of current results.
  5. Analysis of website core SEO functionality.
  6. Competitor word comparison, anchors, images, videos, internal links etc.
  7. Change and updating strategy and current plans.
  8. Next steps and why.
  9. Creative ideas are not based on data.
  10. Practice feedback and notes from monthly Zoom.
  11. Any additional data projects we are asked to complete.

Reports are available electronically or in paper-bound report form.


With monthly feedback from the practice, we can see how our conversion data is reflected in real-world results. We can estimate the cost of acquiring a new patient with monthly revenue figures. 

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KPIs & Measurement

Ensuring Your SEO Stays On Track

We can report on any KPIs you wish to show how your SEO is progressing. 

These can include:

  1. Organic Visibility and Organic search traffic
  2. Lead Conversions Rates
  3. Location Keyword Rankings
  4. Core Keyword Rankings
  5. Bounce Rate (now engagement)
  6. Backlinks profiling (includes competitors)
  7. Page Load Time
  8. User Engagement/Average Engagement Time
  9. Social Signals, Google reviews etc
  10. Click-Through Rate (CTR) (impressions vs clicks)
  11. Google Business Profile Metrics for Local SEO measurement
  12. Website Architecture and Internal Link improvements
  13. Branded (your company name) vs Non-Branded Traffic

Appear on the first page of Google

How To Get Started

Working with Vanilla Circus is easy 

We do the hard work so you can concentrate on work. We are extremely responsible and reactive and quickly respond to emails and calls.

We recognise that every business is unique; every Director and business owner is an individual with different needs and goals. There is no one size fits all.

We get to know your UK business inside and out before we market you online. If we know as much as one of your sales team, we can write persuasive content that sells.

We Ask The Right Questions

  1. Which services or products do you want to sell more of?
  2. Who and where is your target audience?
  3. What are your values and beliefs?
  4. What are your USPs or business advantages (why do clients choose you)?
  5. How do customers find your company online, keywords, locations?
  6. If it applies, why did you switch SEO agencies
  7. What is your definition of success?
  8. We will push and drive SEO to the top of your agenda. Is that OK?

To create a plan

We then study your website and your competitors to create a digital marketing plan to increase traffic and the number of enquiries or sales radically. This includes content plans and technical SEO tasks, backlinks, conversion optimisation and ideas to attract new business that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Although adverts may play a part in your marketing mix, we primarily focus on reducing ad spending through superior content and advanced on-page optimisation.

Excellent Google Reviews

veronica tribolati
veronica tribolati
Thanks Ben and Libby for your great work and efforts to improve our SEO position and increase our sales, big noticeable difference since we started working with you, we are very grateful and happy to recommend to other companies looking for your services.
Tobiasku France
Tobiasku France
We have been working with Vanilla Circus, Ben, and Libby for a while now with great results so far, our rank on top keywords has improved along with an increase in traffic and qualified leads which is most critical to our business. Always friendly, professional, and responsive. Good content generation and flexible for any requests we have made. Enjoy working with them. Thank you!
Rachel Derby
Rachel Derby
I’ve been working with Ben for a few months now to help create my website, content and start my SEO journey. Ben has been a delight to work with, his work is excellent and he is incredibly knowledgable which he is happy to impart to newbies like me. I find him very trustworthy and reliable and am happy to have found him.
Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Delight to work with. They have a comprehensive strategy and regular meetings to discuss progress. Could not be more happy with the team
Victoria M
Victoria M
We got great results working with Ben at Vanilla Circus – they managed the SEO for three of our healthcare websites, all which saw a very good growth in traffic and conversions over that period. They were also very proactive in setting up Live Chat for us and getting to know our hospital, the treatment involved, how we work and what services we offer so that they could offer valuable strategic website navigation guidance to maximise sales.
Stuart Patterson
Stuart Patterson
Vanilla Circus provide a fully compressive and detailed service , i cannot recommend them enough. Rubbish Clearance Limited.
Rosa Bennings
Rosa Bennings
They are an excellent team at VC espcially Libby. I am leaving my current marketing role but will hopefully convinve my new Head Of to use you guys. Thank you for making my life easy
Emma Norton
Emma Norton
If I could add 6 stars I would. Vanilla’s ethos and approach to SEO are totally unique. It was such a relief to speak to a company that puts everything in plain English. After 4 SEO companies in London and in Manchester, we finally feel that we are not being taken for a ride and that we can clearly see things improving month on month. We are now into our 14 month and we are delighted with the results and have no hesitation recommending Ben and his team to anyone (except our competitors) Em
Brenda Roberts
Brenda Roberts
Excellent SEO, what can I say. We have now been working with Vanilla for over 24 months and all I can say is they quietly get on with it. Our traffic is up, are content is much better and our telephone is ringing with new patients making appointments. Ben, Libby and Martha has been amazing!