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Freelance, consultative, contract

Expert, proven advice

We are very flexible. Harness our expert knowledge and experience on a consultant basis, by the hour, by the day. 

Data-Driven SEO

How We Work

Vanilla Circus needs little management or input and is happy to develop ideas, write copy and create web pages without supervision other than 30-minute monthly Zoom calls. 

Projects can be on a set number of hours or a monthly contractual basis. We help businesses of all sizes maximise their online potential by dominating their local, regional and national markets on Google UK.

Our bespoke SEO service is tailored to your business’s goals, considering your local competitor, current page SEO, and content depth. 

Hand Off: Advice and Help

We can analyse why your website is not ranking or has fallen out by looking at technical data and identifying how to fix the problem. We are often tasked with reporting and analysing results from Google Analytics and suggesting strategic changes and improvements.

Hand On: Full Service SEO Agency

360 SEO Services

As a full-service agency offering 360 on and off-page SEO services. We can partner or become your in-house Digital Marketing team, if you don’t have one. We will take on the responsibility of driving your digital results from organic search traffic to search engine rankings. 

Custom SEO Package

Tailored SEO

Whether you need help with content creation, ideas, strategies, local SEO or just backlink building, we can develop an SEO package that suits your business the best. See our new pay as you go SEO service.

Free Advice

Get started

We are here to help. So call 01483 921741 and have the first brainstorm on us. Sometimes, clients ask, “How do I know it’s working?”. Learn more about SEO costs and ROI with our blog post on how much SEO will truly cost your business.

Three simple steps

How to Make A Start

As experienced small business owners and online marketers, much of the existing marketing your business has engaged with will be very familiar to us. 

However, that said, every client’s website and business has unique idiosyncrasies that all need addressing and adhering to.

Discovery phase

Client onboarding is a simple task that starts with a discovery phase. Here we learn about our new client, their business and their markets. Everything has to begin with a plan for our SEO to align with your business goals and other marketing/advertising campaigns.

This is all achieved in your first month, there are no additional costs, as learning about your business, and services is our commitment to you.

Agree Reporting Channels

Reporting is a monthly 20+ page document that lists precisely what work we have done and what results we have achieved. Without it, we could not reference your paid SEO progress or detail work completed like link building, content creation, code changes and more.

It is not a screenshot of Google Analytics or a simple Google data studio report. It contains the next steps and advice for moving forward. More.

Agree KPIs & Measure Results

Deciding on KPIs means VC can set accurate targets and achievable goals. All clients can decide which KPIs they want to be included in their monthly reports. Examples of KPIs can be level of engagement, conversions, user acquisition, findability and visibility.

It works hand in hand with a client’s content strategy and content plan documents as you would expect from any good SEO company. More.

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