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SEO training Courses

Improve search engine visibility, triple website traffic and convert clicks into customers.

Our courses help businesses learn the fundamentals and manage their online marketing better

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Online SEO training courses

We offer training to Surrey-based businesses with marketing managers and departments that want brilliant best practices for creating and optimising content for Google and social media.

We offer a range of courses, from one-to-one beginner courses to more advanced digital marketing courses aimed at marketing teams with some prior knowledge of digital marketing.

  • Online or in-house, or at your location
  • Tailormade to your teams knowledge level
  • 1 – 8 participants
  • 1 full day or 5 x 2 hour online lessons
  • Our training centre is in Ripley near Guildford

Our internal courses, which take place in Guildford, follow a similar format and last between one and three days. Courses begin at 10 o’clock, break for lunch at 1 o’clock, and then finish at 5 o’clock.

Course results

At the end of the one-day course, we would expect the participants to have sufficient knowledge to begin contributing to creating, writing, and developing their businesses’ websites and to be able to track not only their positions within Google but also the traffic to their website, which pages are converting, and which pages need improving.

Course teachers

The main tutor is Benedict Sykes. He has 18 years of experience in SEO, content writing, content marketing and advanced optimisation. He currently runs an agency called Vanilla Circus and works commercially with a number of household names like Capital Radio.

Master Search Engine Optimisation

What to Expect

Our online courses are divided into two-hour slots. Although each course has a defined curriculum, it is tailored to the knowledge of our participants before they join the course.

Online training courses last two hours. After the training course, participants are set coursework. Coursework is always working on projects suitable for the business.

For example, it may be coming up with a content plan to write a number of blogs that could support what the company is selling. Alternatively, it could be optimising a number of existing pages and creating a natural order of interlinking.

Some online courses also cover external resources, such as the correct use of a search console and an understanding of interpreting Google Analytics. Our Google Analytics training focuses heavily on traffic sources and events (conversions) and includes working with Google Tag Manager.

What you will learn
  1. Understand how search engines crawl, index, and rank web pages
  2. How to write a comprehensive SEO strategy
  3. How to outrank your competitors
  4. Find keywords to target (the how and the why)
  5. Identify different opportunities within local search results
  6. Use Google Business Profile to optimise your local map and search presence
  7. What to write and Gap/opportunity analysis
  8. Quality Raters Guidelines and E-E-A-T
  9. How to perfectly optimise every page on your site
  10. Internal linking strategy
  11. How to build links and avoid Google penalties
  12. How to convert more search visitors into buyer
  13. How to use SEO tools to get better results, faster
  14. Techniques for accurate SEO measurement
  15. Future Proof your SEO plan to cover AI Search and Content
  16. How to easily design websites
How it will work

We have simple SEO best practice checklists, which can then be overlaid on our participants’ existing websites. These start with the basic metadata and then move on to including headers, defining finding and including the correct keywords, writing content and the use of trust words, using the correct words and generics within internal and external anchor text, and then end with the use of additional code optimisation like rich snippets and structured data.

Course prices
  • Day courses are £395 per person
  • Online Courses are £199 per hour, max 2-8 persons.

For more training information please get in touch with us on 01483 921741.

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