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Letting you know what we have done

Monthly Reporting

Reporting on our SEO success, total conversions, KPI progress, domain metrics, work carried out that month and next steps.

Every little bit of work we do is documented

Know Exactly What Your SEO Company Has Done This Month

Our monthly SEO reports deliver the following:

  1. Client’s peace of mind that we are actively working to pursue their goals.
  2. Archives and reference points to see what is working and what is not.

End-of-project/month reports also include the next steps what we are planning to achieve in the next work period and, more importantly WHY.

Software we use

Your ROI & analytics

Our SEO reports demonstrate the progress of the campaign, the ROI and the elements we use that help justify the approach we have taken. Our goal is to help our clients understand our work so they can feel confident in our approach and the effectiveness of our skills. 

SERP results

In your report, all Google ranking positions are supplied in a live data feed and updated hourly. Clients can see where they rank within Google and the progress they are making daily, weekly and monthly, so you can see the effectiveness of our plans over time.

Domain metrics

We report on key metrics that matter and effectively communicate our progress against the client’s predefined KPIs. You can expect us to accurately provide commentary on what contributes to your site’s overall SEO success and on problems that might be holding the project back.


More excitingly, we report monthly on the total conversions achieved through multiple referral sources, pathways and mediums. When you are on board, we set up Google Tag tracking and record events like telephone calls, contact form submissions, online appointments booked, and so much more.

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Tailored Reporting

How do we know it is working?

At the end of every month, we send clients a report that

  1. List a summary of dates and hours of tasks we completed
  2. Every single optimisation code or content change we made
  3. A record of new content added to the site, blogs and pages, including reasons
  4. A history of successful outreaches for backlinks, including URL, anchor text and written content published
  5. Traffic/page views (month on month)
  6. Google ranking positions improvement (SERPs) with a live feed
  7. Engagement rates, return users/unique users
  8. Bounce/exit rates
  9. Patient conversion rate/goals (number of sales enquiries)
  10. Domain metrics MOZ and Majestic (month on month)
  11. GA analysis of user journey
  12. Next steps and plans for next months
  13. Suggestions and notes

What makes SEO reporting and analytics so critical?

  • With most SEO agencies, there can be a vast discrepancy in how SEO teams report success, how frequently they do and the metric they include.
  • With us, you can rely on the fact that we will produce weekly and monthly reports that ensure you are involved and in the loop with all the magic we work on your website.
  • SEO agencies that do their in-depth reporting have a better idea of their client’s needs. It’s here we dive in and discover what your customers like and what they do not.
  • Our SEO reports will highlight what content your customer responds to, and we can utilise this engagement to bring the brand higher revenue.
  • Armed with SEO reports and insights, you will undoubtedly find it easier to anticipate precisely the new needs of consumers and how we can target them moving forward.
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