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Conversion: turning web traffic into sales

Get their attention | Keep them engaged | Call them to action

CRO is often seen as testing website elements to earn more conversions, leads, and sales. At VC it is far more than that.

In a nutshell, our work is larger focused on creating an optimal conversion path to quickly and efficiently convert users into paying customers.

It is improving the UX through improved content and design elements that enhance the client’s narrative which in turn gives the customer all the information they need to purchase. Clever eh. 

We don’t like the term conversion or direction. We prefer the words:

  1. Persuasion
  2. Suggestion
  3. Recommendations

We like suggestions instead of orders, attraction rather than advertising.

Conversion is about studying data and watching users interact online.

It is studying how users engage with your content. It is about creating a value proposition that is both credible and compelling and then testing and tweaking the website to increase customer buy-in.

Why CRO is designed to increase profits

We know this, however, it is not a useful place to start. Neither Google nor users are concerned about improving your bottom line. However, they do enjoy being sold to, being informed, being informed.

We look to persuade and suggest content rather than bulldoze and harass web visitors with endless CTAs.

Persuasion is better than conversionFactors that we find helpful to look at include

  1. Price. Is price a consideration? How should this be referenced (outside of eCommerce)?
  2. Assurance and reassurance: no one wants to buy twice! What methods of reassurance can we offer a customer, think testimonials, reviews, and product endorsements. Does your narrative have a tone that expresses these types of sentiments?

What can we do to help you
We can solve this for you
We take responsibility
We want & appreciate your business

More on conversion/persuasion optimisation.

Common reasons for poor CRO

No Need | No Hurry, No reason to buy now | No Desire | No Trust: They don’t believe your claims | No Money | Expensive: cost outweighs benefit or You don’t justify your price | weak proposition | Lack of information | Website or content not professionally presented


Turning Web Traffic Into Sales: Be clear about your value


Trust the data

What is working and what isn’t


We officially need data. We cannot do our job without analysis. At the beginning of every month, we create a GA document for every client.

This is a detailed analysis of the site’s Google Analytics or stats data. Which content is generating sales and leads and where is the site failing.


Conversion rate Optimisation


CRO includes processes and steps we take to maximise sales through the website. We are customer acquisition experts, we need all of the cleverly generated traffic to result in more client revenue.

Ultimately it is about planning, enhancing and monitoring; working hard and then watching.

The majority of our work is spent watching and talking to customers as they make their journey through the website. Sometimes this is through LiveChat other times it is through live analytics tools. It is fascinating how simple changes can improve the bottom line. Often it is a wood for trees scenario.


Why CRO and SEO should always go together


CRO is often the overlooked little brother in the Digital Marketing arena.

Why? Because it is harder work. SEO has often strived to have an element of black magic; how do they do this, would anyone non-rocket scientist ever understand?

The results of SEO can feel magic, but ultimately it is about working within Google’s recommendations and guidelines and creating a site that informs enough to placate Google and sells enough to create a healthy ROI.

Traffic without sales is frustrating. There is always a balance within content marketing of creating free information to show off knowledge and just producing content and receiving no reward.



  • Analysing data including advanced Google Analytics
  • Time and eyeballs to watch search in realtime
  • 42 years of combined experience of successful CRO
  • In house graphics and infographic production

If a web visitor doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.

SEO drives 1100%+ more traffic than organic social media.

Reason and web conversion

All people need a reason to do something including purchasing from a website

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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