Why you can trust our data

Vanilla Circus started doing this about four years ago. We have an email list of over 1230 SEOs and digital marketers (2021) who regularly contribute to our data gathering.

There is no commercial gain for us and all data is treated as anonymous (and all emails sacred save from spam!)

We ask questions about what they are doing, what they are thinking and where they see the UK’s SEO industry going.

It is simply anonymous questionnaires that give us feedback on what is happening online. We have been doing for about three years and it is always good to get other people’s opinions on what’s working, what’s not and what Google’s future holds for all of us.

It’s fun, really.

We email all participants our findings.


We only email infrequent simple questionnaires to collect data from UK SEO companies & digital marketing agencies.

We then collate it and email our findings to YOU.

Why this initiative?

The idea was to try and tackle some of the disinformation that exists around SEO. Many clients say they don’t know who can be trusted.

When clients tell VC some of the things other organic search ‘experts’ have told them is the gospel truth, we can see how the challenges of misinformation are costing the UK Digital Marketing industry.  There is already a new growth of taking ‘SEO’ back in house.

Lack of faith leads to inertia, Clients sitting on their hands and not spending. Money moves from SEO to Google Ads for want of a better solution.

For us, the purpose of talking to other agencies is to rebuild faith in the industry and show how we tackle fake news and claims by providing transparent statistics and insight. See Symphony’s Common SEO Scams.

Persuasion is better than conversion

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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