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We have not come across one industry where we could not provide results

Since 2009, we have provided digital marketing services for many business verticals, including finance, Insurance, Medical, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Property, Automotive, Trade… The list goes on and on.

We have seen significant success on a national level, where we have earned clients millions of pounds of revenue gained from organic search.

We have succeeded in local rankings for static businesses like dental practices looking.

Health industry

We have found that patients often choose facilities because they rank higher online.

The opportunity for healthcare providers to increase awareness of their brand, products or services through search marketing is huge – 75% of the UK public admit to turning to search engines for health information and advice. Source.

Our client’s markets:

  • Medical (hospitals)
  • Dentists (general and cosmetic practices)
  • Rehabs/Addiction Centres
  • GPs

Healthcare SEO is fundamentally a long-term strategy that involves more content strategising, editing and proofing to get the tone right and present the information in a particular way.

We look after three major hospitals, one in Scotland, Ireland, and London, so we are very familiar with the rules and how content needs to be created to align with GMC guidelines.

Medical copywriters

Content often is king when it comes to the success of your digital marketing channel.

We use our social listening tools and analytics to determine exactly what your patients want to know and devise a content marketing plan and strategy to answer these questions.

Finance sector

The financial services market is one of the largest globally, and you can find many of our clients sitting on the top of Google for finance-related keywords.

We are aware of FSCA guidelines and regulations and have expert financial copywriters who can nail your message’s tone and accuracy.

Our client’s markets:

  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Tax

Broadcast media and advertising

One of the most exciting industries we work in involves radio and national advertising campaigns. Working with some well-known, famous companies, we manage their websites and make sure they are visible to SMEs and the public.

Most of our work here is B2B, where our content has been specially crafted to talk to small business owners and increase sales to this market.

Our client’s markets:

  • National radio
  • Regional radio
  • Bus advertising
  • Outdoor billboard advertising
  • Online advertising

Legal sector

Having worked with a few legal firms, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver expert content understandable not only to the everyday reader but also to solicitors and other legal professionals.

Our client’s markets:

  • Compensation
  • Contract and business law
  • Family and divorce law

Manufacturing industry

The new decision-makers are the ones that grew up with technology literally at their fingertips. Therefore, our manufacturing SEO strategies work on delivering and publishing helpful, thoughtful, fresh and authoritative content, which will work in your favour when we increase the number of leads coming to your website.

Our client’s markets:

  • Industrial glass manufacturer/fibreglass
  • Rubber roofing installers and manufacturers
  • Window and door makers
  • Software


Our client’s markets:

  • Plumbing
  • Roofers
  • Builders
  • Windows & Doors

VCM has done all of this before, achieved success and still seeing constant improvement after improvement. So schedule a free site audit with us today, and we’ll talk you through everything you need to do and show you how we can help.

Overtake your competitors today – call 020 8405 6418.

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Page Updated: March 21, 2022

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