Content Journey

Start here… what represents SEO success?

For VC to assist in making your online targets a reality we need the answers to a few simple questions.

Before submitting a proposal VC finds it helpful to ask our clients to consider “what represents a successful outcome for YOU.”

A successful strategy

A successful strategy may be measured in terms of either the number of units sold or by a financial benchmark. This assists VC in estimating the amount of web traffic required to meet targets.

The value of this process is to gain clarity and to avoid setting goals, like ranking #1 for xyz keyword, which can narrow the vast potential for sales offered by the internet.

What would successful SEO look like?

1. Website(s) gains an additional 25% of PPC gained revenue – (£75,000 for example) and / or
2. The Company gains two hundred new clients
3. High-value product sales up 25%

Additional to this information is:

1. Which products or services yield the highest profit margin?
2. Geography – Where is your target market (ie South East England / London / Europe)?
3. Direction company wants to go in?
4. Are there any new products the company wants to introduce?

None of the above needs to be exact – just enough so that we can begin structuring proposal based on traffic requirements. This allows VC to include a number of options.

Next Step?

Call 020 8405 6419 and ask to speak to Mr Sykes a Senior SEO Consultant. There is no need to make an appointment. Let yourself be the judge on how VC can help your business or simply email.

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