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Technical SEO budgeting

1. We start with the technical and the typos

There are reasons your website does not rank #1 on Google.

BEFORE we begin working on a client’s website, we audit three things

  1. The site’s technical code. Here, we are looking for common HTML errors that can detract from a user’s experience of the site and result in a low Google score. The process is quite short and can be completed in about 4 hours per 30 pages. 
  2. Typos and grammar errors are another problem. These are one of the most off putting problems websites have when trying to sell to new customers. Part of the process is a real human reading your web pages.
  3. User Journey: here, we are asking simple questions like, am I engaged? Do I trust this website? It is clear what the next steps are.
All of this is reported to the client and then fixed. More.

2. We optmise the content we have

Copywriting is the most expensive part of web marketing.

Before putting pen to paper, we need to work with the content that exists on the website.

This content typically represents the core services and products that the business sells. 

Part of optimising these pages includes expanding on the depth of the copy.

What questions are we not answering? Do our transactional keywords include words like, "the cost of" or "what is the process." Do we have these pages?

Often, clients create one page per service. We find that when we create a whole section on a service, we begin to not only gain organic traffic from Google but also start generating new sales leads.

This part of the process normally takes approximately 50 hours to plan, write (or edit), design and upload 35 new web pages.

How Google receives these changes dictates our content plan, which is normally developed once this initial part of the strategy is completed. It would include blog content as well as pages.

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3. Local SEO

We have optimised our core service pages now we need to drive traffic that buys.

We begin the process of planning landing pages that are specially written for keyword + location.

We normally start with a 10-mile radius and write a page of content per location per keyword.


  • creation

This is then repeated for every location. The time required is 1 hour per page. Every location needs a hub page (county or city).


4. Optimisation

If your website does not rank on the first page of Google, then you score it too low.

To increase your score Google has over 2oo ranking factors. These range from adding keywords to your meta tags, putting words in bold, and having social media signals and other websites linking to your website.

The secrets of Google's algorithm are a much-debated topic; however, over 17 years, we can accurately surmise which are the most important in boosting each of your web pages' Google score and that of the website overall.

It takes time.

From internal and external links, to anchor text, schema and site architecture, it is a slow process that, when done correctly and in unison with excellent content and web design pays real dividends in traffic and conversions.

Typical time required: 10 hours a month on site, 5 hours off-site outsourcing backlinks.


User intent is the reason behind a user making a search query via Google. What information is the user most likely looking for? There are four user intents. Informational, Navigational, Transactional and Commercial investigation.
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5. Report, analyse and Repeat

As our clients gain traction they want more

Google is technology and technology is always changing. What ranked a website #1 last year might not work this year. Competitors are not asleep and new businesses enter the market.

SEO is about content, code, tweaking and improving. It is about analysing our conversion rates and looking for more and more traffic.

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