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SEO for business growth since 2007

Small Business SEO that works year after year

There is a huge difference between marketing large businesses and SMEs. The reasons are quite straightforward.

Large UK companies may have marketing directors and a team. They may also have resources and budgets to allow for multiple-channel marketing. SEO may just be part of that mix.

Small Business on the other hand, well if they are lucky, they have Vanilla Circus fighting their digital corner.

Small Business v Large Business

Corporates have web designers, web developers, a social media team, content writers and additional outsource agency resources.

Smaller companies do not have such luxury.

There is normally a marketing team. The owner of the business is the CEO. He is also the Marketing and Sales director.

SMEs on the other hand demand a very different hands-on service. 

Vanilla Circus is a small business and completely understand the process of wearing many hats.

We offer a range of affordable Small Business SEO packages suitable for every budget.

They are inclusive fix monthly prices especially designed to cover every SEO service you could need with the freedom to stop whenever you need to.


Want to read case studies on how we have helped businesses thrive and expand by generating more business through successfully applying our SEO strategies?

From roofers and builders to SME e-commerce projects, we have over 17 years of digital marketing experience.


See our reviews for the work we do with our Small Buinsess clients.


peace of mind

We offer the complete SEO service, so you have the peace of mind to get on with running your business safe in the knowledge hat your digital marketing is being worked on.

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Vanilla Circus: Best SEO for small business
Low cost, Flexible Rolling Contract

Small Business SEO

Small businesses need a completely different SEO service

SMEs need a very different type of SEO company. One that can take care of all aspects of search engine optimization, from content to code to hosting and help with strategy.

This would include updating the website, ensuring the website is working correctly, web hosting, web design, web development, content creation on-page optimisation and sourcing back links.

The ideal supplier would also need to take responsibility for the success of the SEO campaign. That company would also be tasked with developing ideas and ways of selling SME services and products.

There is no team to fall back on; there is no one to email and pass the buck.

Equally, from a financial point of view, there are no money trees. There are no huge budgets.

What is needed is fixed-price SEO that is sufficient to deliver on the company’s revenue goals and targets.

Just because a client may be a small business does not mean they can’t have big dreams.

Vanilla Circus is this type of company whose working ethic offers the same flexibility with fixed prices that don’t include any surprises.

Small Business SEO reviews.

Persistence, Intelligent & Empathetic SEO for business

great Small Business Google Reviews

veronica tribolati
veronica tribolati
Thanks Ben and Libby for your great work and efforts to improve our SEO position and increase our sales, big noticeable difference since we started working with you, we are very grateful and happy to recommend to other companies looking for your services.
Tobiasku France
Tobiasku France
We have been working with Vanilla Circus, Ben, and Libby for a while now with great results so far, our rank on top keywords has improved along with an increase in traffic and qualified leads which is most critical to our business. Always friendly, professional, and responsive. Good content generation and flexible for any requests we have made. Enjoy working with them. Thank you!
Rachel Derby
Rachel Derby
I’ve been working with Ben for a few months now to help create my website, content and start my SEO journey. Ben has been a delight to work with, his work is excellent and he is incredibly knowledgable which he is happy to impart to newbies like me. I find him very trustworthy and reliable and am happy to have found him.
Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Delight to work with. They have a comprehensive strategy and regular meetings to discuss progress. Could not be more happy with the team
Victoria M
Victoria M
We got great results working with Ben at Vanilla Circus - they managed the SEO for three of our healthcare websites, all which saw a very good growth in traffic and conversions over that period. They were also very proactive in setting up Live Chat for us and getting to know our hospital, the treatment involved, how we work and what services we offer so that they could offer valuable strategic website navigation guidance to maximise sales.
Stuart Patterson
Stuart Patterson
Vanilla Circus provide a fully compressive and detailed service , i cannot recommend them enough. Rubbish Clearance Limited.
Rosa Bennings
Rosa Bennings
They are an excellent team at VC espcially Libby. I am leaving my current marketing role but will hopefully convinve my new Head Of to use you guys. Thank you for making my life easy
Emma Norton
Emma Norton
If I could add 6 stars I would. Vanilla's ethos and approach to SEO are totally unique. It was such a relief to speak to a company that puts everything in plain English. After 4 SEO companies in London and in Manchester, we finally feel that we are not being taken for a ride and that we can clearly see things improving month on month. We are now into our 14 month and we are delighted with the results and have no hesitation recommending Ben and his team to anyone (except our competitors) Em
Brenda Roberts
Brenda Roberts
Excellent SEO, what can I say. We have now been working with Vanilla for over 24 months and all I can say is they quietly get on with it. Our traffic is up, are content is much better and our telephone is ringing with new patients making appointments. Ben, Libby and Martha has been amazing!
Excellent Customer Support

What does success look like?

Vanilla Circus is ideally suited to businessmen and women who want to get on with running their business and have someone take away the worry of website marketing.

We have careful processes and best practices in place where we plan and execute SEO whilst ensuring the focus is always on the bottom line. In this case, we mean conversion rates.

How many new sales leads to the website generate this month? What were the sales, where did they come from, and how can more?

What can we do better, faster and quicker? How do we become the best?

These are all questions our clients put to us. As a leading UK small business SEO company we have been delivering fast effective Small Business SEO since 2007.

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Best SEO company for small business
Picture of Benedict Sykes (Founder)
Benedict Sykes (Founder)

BA (Hons), OC, Nominet Member, Google Partner.
He has been involved in UK SEO since 2007, working with dentists and private hospitals since 2015. He is the founder of Vanilla Circus Dental SEO Company.

He consults for Ebay, Philips and Capital Radio. He has appeared on Radio 4. He is a family man and lives in Guildford. He is both a technical and highly creative digital marketer. His specialism is site architecture and mobile optimisation.

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