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Why Your Landing Page Conversions Don't Increase When Traffic Increases

Designing your website, and getting it up and ready to be seen by potential customers is a super exciting experience – especially if you’re seeing lots of paid traffic coming in. But it can be quickly demotivating when those same users do not convert. Trust us, we know.

Converting online traffic into customers

Landing Pages Not Working?

As websites have the potential to make you a lot of money, it can seem magical when lots of users start clicking through your adverts to your custom-built landing pages – especially if you have spent countless hours planning, designing, writing and tweaking them. 

Suddenly, the world of digital marketing and advertising is alive with the possibility that paid traffic will deliver more sales and extra business that achieves a level of brand fame that will make you go viral. 

However, we know more than most how this dream can come crashing down and is often short-lived when hundreds of users rush to the site, but you see little, if any landing page conversions.

Perplexed why this is happening? You won’t be after diving deeper into this blog post. We’ll explain why huge jumps in landing page traffic do not always equal conversions and why you might be better off investing elsewhere. 

You're bidding on all the wrong keywords

When it comes to paid search, it’s easy to get your keywords wrong – we’ve even been there ourselves. Be careful of approaching keywords the wrong way.

Your content does not sell your brand properly

Landing pages should be like adverts. They must be catchy, relevant and aligned to your PPC campaign’s keywords and customer pain points.

You're killing the vibe

Keep your site neat and focused. Don’t have several items competing for your customer’s attention. The last thing you want to do is annoy them.

You're not fast enough

If you bounce off websites within the first ten seconds because it’s too slow, you can bet your customers will, too. Keep it fast and keep it responsive.

The design isn't working

Your website visually represents you as a brand, business and company. It does not need to be extravagant, but it should be useable and presentable. 

The rest of your site is weak

Remember, your landing page is not the only page on your website. Don’t assume users will stay on that page – they might click around to assess if you’re the real deal.

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