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Ranking clients locally since 2007

Local SEO is our forte. There is an art to successfully ranking your website for every keyword + locality.

If you are a brick-and-mortar business and looking for local SEO for small business and your customers come to you, optimising your website for keyword + location should be your priority.

Good localised content, Google Local, site architecture and internal link building.

Local SEO: The Definitive Guide (2024)

What is local SEO, and why is it important to lead generation?

Vanilla Circus is a local SEO company with results that beat any other Agency. We are based in London.

We have been ranking keyword + location pages on the first pages of Google for over 14 years.

Our local SEO Service is easily one of the most advanced in the UK and has been used by over 200 small business owners in the OK. 

SEO-created content

Get Local SEO working for you

Local SEO has a terrible name in the world of Google content. It is often seen as SEO-only pages, typically all the same, bar a change to the city name or postcode. Hidden pages for search engines. Pages optimised for London are the worse offender by far. 

Arrive in local listings

Why Is My Local Optimisation Failing?

There is a disdain for GEO or local content. There is a belief that Google will rank anything if you include the keyword plus the location and perhaps embed a Google map at the bottom.
Google Local Options

7 Factors that affect local SEO

  1. Site architecture and URL structure
  2. Internal and external linking
  3. Use of location words in anchor text


Google Local Facts

6 Factors that do not affect local SEO as much as you think

  1. Google local/Google my business entries
  2. Developing Google local listing, images, blogs, offers
  3. A physical address in an area


Google check-list

On & off page optimisation

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your localised business content.

Design & experience

UX & UI Optimisation

Google is looking at the design of your site, how long it takes to load and how users react to it.

Example Local SEO Results

Google results we have achieved for advertising keywords
Showcase Google ranking results
1 In 3 Of Mobile Searches Relate To A UK Location

What we can offer your business

We offer a range of local SEO packages for various locations and areas. Costs start at £1950.00 + vat. for SEO for a small local business.
We have worked with businesses that want to tackle the whole of the UK and businesses, especially dentists and local shops that want to target a narrow 30-mile radius.

What affects the price?

  • The number of keywords
  • The number of locations
  • The competitiveness of the keyword
  • No of Backlinks require confirming locations
It is not always possible to simply create a page for keyword + London (for example) to rank #1 in Google. We have to define London, i.e. Hammersmith, Fulham, Wimbledon, postcodes etc.
Then there are related keywords like dentist + London and cosmetic dentist + London. They are not the same.

Then we have to ensure that all the geo-targeted pages differ from each other.

Then we have to build backlinks from local websites to convince Google that we are where we say we are.

We hope we are giving you an idea of the complexity of local SEO. To beat the competition, you have to have better web pages and site structure and backlink profile than the competition.

Luckily, we have done 100s of times before

Give us a call, and we will explain how our process for local search success works and give you some tips and advice on the best methods to grow your local search presence.  Interested? Call 01483 921741.

Experience, expertise and software

We have all the necessary tools for your local SEO to succeed and to track the results as we progress.


We offer clients an effective checklist of what keywords and locations have been targeted and made live. It also includes backlinks that mention your target locations and the best tactics for optimising and maintaining your Google Business page (which used to be called Google Local.)

Is local SEO dead?

As nearly 1 in 3 of all Google mobile searches relates to a UK location, we hardly think so. Our data shows that the most popular pages on a number of client websites are the Geo-targeted pages that have been optimised for a keyword + location. Local SEO is still one of the best ways to connect with your target audience.

Local SEO Guide
Let Vanilla Circus guide your website down the local SEO road, where we help you achieve the goal of being found before your competition within Google.

Local SEO companies near me

What should a web user do when there are no keyword +location searches and a web user types a “near me” keyphrase? Google has IP Geolocation recognition; it knows and tracks your location by noting your IP address.

We can show you how to optimise for near-me searches and how to give users a page that is both relevant and persuasive.

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