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Is this your problem...
  • Website not appearing on page 1 of Google for any ortho treatments?
  • Competitors above you for Invisalign, Clear Braces or Six Month Smiles?
  • The only orthodontic patients you get are from Invis adverts.
  • Not visible in your local area for fixed and removable braces?
  • What you’re doing is not working?

What Success Looks Like

Successful SEO for orthodontists translates into:

  • Increase in new patient enquiries.
  • Monthly revenue targets are met.
  • More higher value treatments sold.
  • More qualified orthodontic patients that are easier to close.
  • An influx of misalignment cases from mild to severe.
  • Being the go-to referral dentist in your area for complex bite cases.
  • An increase in five-star Google reviews.
  • Spending less money on adverts.
  • More awareness of alternative straightening systems you offer, Inman Aligners, Lingual Braces, Spark Aligners etc.
We understand your audience and your products.

Our strategy begins with targeted keywords that engage with patients Googling overbites, underbites, crowding, buck teeth etc. 

We then create new content to answer essential patient questions like the cost and process to catch them in every stage of their buying cycle. From here, we’ll encourage their conversion with offers, open days and before and after photos.

For Example: Does your website answer these questions?

  1. How much does Invisalign cost?
  2. Invisalign, how long does it take?
  3. How does Invisalign move your teeth?

Stand out from the crowd
Additionally, we differentiate your clinic by developing your USPs and market your orthodontist’s expertise, experience, and provider levels.

For example, if you’re a Platinum Provider or your associate is, we’ll advertise this fact within treatment pages, blogs, banners and on-page adverts. See dental SEO tips.

how much SEO will truly cost your business
Why you don't rank #1

The Problem Explained

The problem is not with Google; unfortunately, it is with your website. 

You do not rank as Google…

  • Does not fully understand your website or expertise.
  • Does not like or rate your orthodontic content.
  • Cannot find other websites that dispute this opinion (link to you).
  • May perceive your website as hard to use or navigate by patients.
  • Possibly deems your site to be untrustworthy or simply unknown. See Google answers.
We have successfully corrected this hundreds of times.
Dominate for orthodontists [location]

How we get you ranking for braces?

Four simple steps

01. Optimise what you have

Two things that will need improving 1. Code, 2. Dental Content. We make an exhaustive list of all technical SEO errors and creative content issues and then correct and optimise all blogs and pages.

02. Drive Traffic

We analyse your competitors traffic to discover new data on which orthodontic and aligner keywords that are driving their free Google traffic (organic search) and make a plan. Explain.

03. Add new persuasive content

Using our keyword data we plan out our cosmetic braces content and start writing large orthodontic sections. We then add the content in a way that Google likes and ranks on page one (Optimisation). Google veneer costs, for example, we're the first search result.

04. Build strong backlinks

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your content. We outreach appropriate health websites to create powerful backlinks. These improve your Google ranking positions.

See Cost.

Fixing The Problem is simpler than you think. We are no reinventing the wheel, we have done this over and over again since 2009.

Cost is dependent on the following:

Expert dental content writers

Make a start

When we start working together, we’ll ask the following questions to help us position your orthodontist services in front of the right patients.

  • What modern aligner systems do you offer – and what are the versions? For example, do you offer Invisalign i7, Invisalign Go, Invisalign Full, Spark Lite etc?
  • Are you a specialist London orthodontist? Are you advancing your degree? What complex cases have you worked on? What impossible dentistry have you made possible?
  • Are you looking for patients needing a cosmetic fix rather than an extensive one?
  • How many orthodontic cases must we deliver monthly to fill the diary?

Samples of some of our high-ranking orthodontic content are available on request.

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