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SEO Success
  1. The price of a dental implant pm
  2. From £2 – £3,000 pm.
  3. Used by over 44 UK practices and two dental groups.

Choice of Dental Two SEO Packages

Inclusive monthly Content Driven SEO prices that are set in stone. Prices do not include VAT.


Rated excellent by Trustpilot

Over 100 clients choose VC

Private dentistry awards winner

SEO Package 1

Local Dental SEO package

Dominate your local market and beat rival practices.

Price: £2,350 pm

Local SEOHoursCost
Technical SEO1£80
New Content Pages 6£450
Blogs 2£130
Upload Content, make Live8£400
10 Images8£64
On page Optimisation4£300
Zoom Meeting1£98
Analysis 1£90

SEO Package 2

Fast 6-Month Growth Plan

Specialist Dental SEO package for fast patient growth

Price: £3,798 pm

Six month PlanHoursCost
Technical SEO2£160
New Content Pages6£450
Design/Upload Content10£500
10 Images10£80
On page Optimisation4£300
Zoom Meeting1£98
SEO dentists can trust


Every month there is a set number of hours spent on any task.

There is also a minimum number of pages created and blog post written.

We have been involved in so many digital dental marketing campaigns that we know exactly how to facilitate business growth, exceed sales targets and improve P&L by maximising Google’s free traffic and minimising Google’s PPC or Facebook’s Ad spend

Only two clients in 8 years have left after 6 months.


Eliminate time wasters
  1. 6 months.
  2. Fixed Price £2,798 +vat.
  3. Onboarding is a simple form.
  4. No in-depth keyword research as we have worked in dental marketing for over 8 years.

The price does not change and is set in stone to allow for easier budgeting. 

Post-six months we evaluate and then change the strategy to reflect our successes and failures.
We need minimal management

As we have worked in SEO since 2009 and with dentists for over 8 years, there are no onboarding fees and no time or money wasted learning about treatments or processes.

  • We need to know which service is more profitable and that you want to promote first.

Read more on dental SEO.

Trust and peace of mind


After 6 months, it is 144%. 

As more and more content is created, the multiplier effect occurs. At the end of the first 18 months, we are looking at returning an ROI of 300%. 

Our current average is 422%. 

Clear pricing, no surprises

Our results are better than any other dental marketing company in the UK. More.

We are extremely proud of our results and celebrate them with your dental team to help motivate them.

6 month Plan

  • All months have task flexibility as your GOOGLE results can make some work redundant and other focuses more critical. 
  • Some dentists offer additional treatments, while others want to focus mainly on one or two.

What is included in your plan

  1. A strategist plans the entire 6 months of work and updates and alters the plan as results dictate.
  2. All dental treatment content and blog writing.
  3. Source and pay for all images except staff and before and after images. Dental copy.
  4. Upload and design pages.
  5. Optimise all page content with interlinking, page code and URL structure.
  6. Make technical changes to code for CORE METRICS page speed ETC., and code optimisation.
  7. All backlink outreach and content creation for external sites.
  8. We write all metadata.
  9. We monitor up to 200 keywords a month for you in real-time.
  10. Update the website with any practice changes required.
  11. Monitor that the website is live and everything is updated, safe from viruses and backed up.
  12. A consultant is available in a support role for any questions.
  13. A monthly Zoom update call.
  14. Liaising with your team to coordinate social media and events.

Frequently Asked Question

We understand that our dental clients have different priorities and processes. We have tried to answer as many questions as possible. See the pros and cons of using SEO to promote your practice.

Yes. All our contracts have a 30 days break clause. We ask all clients to commit to 3 months initially or your campaign would be too short to gain any meaning full results and we would rather not start at all.

Yes we do. We enjoy writing dental content and are very good at it.

Yes we can. Cost is normally in the region of £3-5,000.

Mr Sykes is the founder of the company and is the first point of call for any problem or issue. He is VC’s senior Consultant.

Ulimately as with any marketing or advertising you don’t. As a small business we understand that times are hard and you needs results not risks.

Have a read of this page on removing the gamble out of SEO.


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