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Is this your problem...

Website not appearing on page 1 of Google for any cosmetic treatment?

  • Competitors ranking higher for Veneers, Implants or Whitening?
  • The only cosmetic patients you get are from advertising?
  • Not known in your local area as the go-to cosmetic dentist?

Everything you’ve tried before isn’t working?


What Successful SEO Looks Like

Successful SEO for cosmetic dentists translates into:

  • Busier associates with fewer gaps in the diary = higher turnover.
  • Meeting monthly revenue targets.
  • Selling more high-value treatments like a full set of veneers.
  • Qualified patients that don’t waste your team’s time.
  • More complex cosmetic cases versus just whitening or bonding patients.
  • More five-star reviews praising your skills, technology and results.
  • More awareness of alternative brands you offer, like Ultrathin or Durathin.
We connect patients with smile problems to your practice.

Solution  |  Cost

Our strategy begins with keywords that target patients with narrow smiles, yellow, gapped, chipped, broken or missing teeth. 

We’ll also create treatment pages for patients exploring treatments like Porcelain Veneers, Enlighten Evolution, Philips Zoom Speed! and Invisalign.

The next stage is to create new content that patients search for:

  • How much does [treatment cost]?
  • What’s the [treatment] process?
  • [treatment] before and afters

Additionally, we’ll help your clinic stand out by developing your USPS and marketing your cosmetic dentist’s talent, expertise and results on relevant treatment pages, blogs and banners.

how much SEO will truly cost your business
Why you don't rank #1

The Problem Explained

The problem is not with Google; unfortunately, it is with your website. 

You do not rank as Google…

  • Does not fully understand your website or expertise.
  • Does not like or rate your cosmetic dental content. *Important.
  • Cannot find other websites that disputes this opinion (links to you).
  • May perceive your website as hard to use or navigate by patients.
  • Possibly deems your site to be untrustworthy or simply unknown.
We have successfully corrected cosmetic dentists not appearing in Google hundreds of times.
Be there for cosmetic dentist [location]

Four simple steps

How our practices rank for 'cosmetic dentist'

01. Optimising What's There

Two things that will need improving 1. Code, 2. Dental Content. We make an exhaustive list of all technical SEO errors and creative content issues and then correct and optimise all blogs and pages.

02. Spying on your competitor

We analyse your competitors traffic to discover new data on which cosmetic keywords are driving their free Google traffic (organic search) and make a plan. Explain.

03. Add new persuasive content

Using our keyword data we plan out our cosmetic content and start writing large treatment sections. We then add the content in a way that Google likes and ranks on page one (Optimisation). Google veneer costs, for example, we're the first search result.

04. Build strong backlinks

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your content. We outreach appropriate health websites to create powerful backlinks. These improve your Google ranking positions.

See Cost.

Fixing The Problem is simpler than you think. We are no reinventing the wheel, we have done this over and over again since 2009.

How much will it cost the practice?

Cost is dependent on the following:

  • The scale of the work (website size & market competition).
  • Skill level of the technicians required.
  • Speed and scale of expected results.
  • See prices
Expert cosmetic dental writers

Where you begin

When we start working together, we’ll ask the following questions to help us position your cosmetic products and services in front of the right patients.

  • What modern dental crown solutions do you offer? PFM or Cerec? Do you offer same-day dentistry?
  • Do you custom-create smiles? How involved are you in the design process?
  • What advanced procedures and equipment do you offer to speed up cosmetic solutions?
  • What complex cases have you worked on? Where have you made impossible dentistry possible for patients who have been told ‘no’ before?
  • What treatments are your priority? How many spaces in the diary do you expect us to fill?
  • Are you only interested in cosmetic cases as opposed to emergency cases?

Sample some of our high-ranking cosmetic content:

  1. Complete Costs of Veneers – The Perfect Smile
  2. Turkey Teeth – A Big Problem – The Gentle Dental
  3. Cosmetic Dentist London: Best Services for Veneers and More – Joe Oliver

Just order a few elements of SEO, like a backlink or a single blog, and then you can judge how good Vanilla Circus are at dental SEO and how expert we are about writing about implants, veneers or Invisalign.

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