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Data led SEO.

You cannot expect accurate results without any analysis. Vanilla Circus take immense pleasure in improving a user journey and finding small tweaks that make all the difference.

Enjoy more sales and enquiries.

Studying user interaction

Traffic Analysis + Conversion Optimisation

It’s not just about being more visible; it’s about quality web traffic that buys your products or services.

Where did they come from, what pages did they land on, what did they buy or enquiry about?

Which Channels


By analysing your traffic weekly and monthly, our expert SEO team is fed valuable information about your website, your customer, and what is working and what is not.

User flow/UX

User Journey

It is incredible how we quickly paint a picture of a user’s journey and how we can best convert that web visitor into a customer.



It’s a practical part of our clients web strategy because it allows us to plan more effectively and accurately.

Part of the reason our work provides quality traffic is that we start and lead with the data every time.


Break It Down

We’ll break it down for you with visual aids as well as professionally written reports which spell out:

  • Who’s visiting your site
  • How long they are there
  • What they do on their site
  • Where did they come from
  • Landing pages/exit pages
  • Bounce rate and most-likely reasons they leave your site
New customers

We Know Your Customer Without Having Ever Met Them

We get to know your patient’s questions, and we answer them by structuring treatment pages into hub sections. Each and every question we or the TCOs tell us new patients are asking is added to the hub sections.

An example would be “What is the price of Invisalign, or “do dental implants hurt?” Think of the hub page as a wheel hub with spokes (relevant pages).

What this does is improve new patient buy-in and help build your brand. The result is a better quality lead.

Analysing your traffic gives our SEO team valuable information about what works and doesn’t. It also allows more effective planning.

For example, it can tell us what pages and information need improving and what content drives sales and leads or potential customers away.

“The whole purpose of all business websites is to promote the brand and either sell or generate leads. Not offer free content and perfectly optimised code.”

The first Monday of every month is spent looking at all VC’s clients and updating their analysing and measuring documents. It is an eye-opening experience to see how many opportunities there are for quick wins.

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