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What to expect

SEO Contract: Example Minimum Deliverables

What we deliver month in month out.

Data-Driven SEO

Minimum Deliverables

Every month we deliver at a minimum a certain number of hours. This will include the output from those hours regarding new content, pages, blogs and other SEO marketing online tasks.


  1. 3 hours of the consultant’s time
  2. Ten pages of content produced/uploaded to the website
  3. Four new backlinks/
All of our work is either B2C or B2B digital marketing.
Data-Driven SEO

Strategist: 3 hours

  • One hour: Strategist time is spent organising and articulating how to progress a client’s campaign.
  • One hour: Brainstorming and reporting on work achieved and next steps for new content/backlinks.
  • 1 hour: working on the overall optimisation of the site, hands-on coding and content additions to improve Google rankings
  • Competitor comparison of both content and competitor backlinks.
  • Report and plan the next steps.
  • Main points of contact/all comms
Data-Driven SEO

On page Engineer: 14 hours

  • Content strategy creation/update/optimisation
    • At least ten pages of new content to support keyword +location
      • Content can include improving existing pages
      • Proofing and corrections
      • Approximately 7,000 words
Data-Driven SEO

Off-page Engineer: 6 hours

  • Backlink strategy creation/update
    • At least four new backlinks for separate high DA domains
    • Identify appropriate domains and reach out
    • Including anchor text and content creation
    • Linking to correct hub URLs
    • Check publishing and report
    • Outreach and documentation
    • Social media post creation
Data-Driven SEO


All of the above work is catalogued and reported on.

Clients receive a report that includes the results of last month’s SEO work and the next steps ie work we are doing next month, and, more importantly, WHY. 

See reporting.

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