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Vanilla Circus always keeps up to date with changes in the industry so that we can take advantage of specific shifts and trends to help our clients always stay on top. 

And with thousands of NHS dental practices closing across the country, emergency dentist appointments with private clinics have soared.

seo dentist costs
Referrals for complex cases

Number one emergency dentists in the country

Vanilla Circus creates entire emergency dentist pages and sections, which has helped our dentists pick up more local emergency dentistry, which usually cross-converts into cosmetic work

Our emergency dentist work has even seen one of our newest clients rise to the top of the rankings for the "emergency dentist" national keyword.

Another area in emergency dentistry we do exceptionally well is the problems that patients would Google to self-diagnose. 

So, for example, they might check the symptoms of their tooth pain and try to uncover the reason for their problem - this is where excellent copy comes in to convince the reader they need to visit the dentist (you) as soon as possible. 

Emergency keywords and problems you can find our clients on the first page for:

  • Lost tooth, lost teeth, knocked out tooth
  • Tooth pain, throbbing tooth pain
  • Throbbing gums, bleeding gums
  • Broken dentures, broken braces
  • Dental abscess, root canal
  • Lost filling, impacted wisdom teeth

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