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We have yet to meet a single dental practice that didn’t want to rank for cosmetic dentists – and thankfully, Vanilla Circus knows exactly how to make it happen.

We haven’t just helped dentists rank in their local areas for this keyword, but nationally. And the proof of this is sitting on Google’s first and second pages.

Rankable treatment pages

Cosmetic dentistry content

Some websites we have worked with you can expect to see on the first page:

  1. (in London)
  2. (in Hertford)
  3. (in Marlow)

Part of our strategy for creating content around cosmetic dentistry is to create what we call “smile problem” pages, which catch the user Googling their problem, whether it be bad, worn, chipped, cracked or yellow teeth.

By identifying their issue with them, we can better provide them with a solution; cosmetic dentistry.

These pages also serve as informational guides to what kind of cosmetic procedure will be the best fix.

Smile problem:

Narrow teeth

We rank number one, two, three and four!

Smile problem:

Vampire teeth

Including pointy teeth and pointed teeth.

Smile problem:

Gap smiles

Find us on the first page with Bespoke Smiles.

Smile problem:

Tooth pain

Find a featured snippet for ‘throbbing tooth pain.’

Smile problem:

Uneven teeth

Sitting on the first page with the Perfect Smile Studios.

Smile problem:


Beating Colgate on the first page for dental “overbites.”

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We know what patients want

Cosmetic dentistry guides

Regarding our cosmetic dentistry content, we create core treatment pages padded with information on the treatments, from process to cost. Within our site architecture, we'll create large cosmetic dentistry sections that don't just make sense from an SEO viewpoint but from a patient's. For example, we'll create pages that breakdown what a patient wants to know:
  • Length
  • Procedure
  • Aftercare
  • Cost
Grow your practice with data driven SEO.
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