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Relying on blogs alone to gain new patients is never enough. You sell treatments, not information.

Your patients have questions and want second opinions, especially when spending over £1,000. Teeth are personal. Dentists are not just technicians. They are doctors.

Patients deserve expert treatment content that gives them the confidence that you are the right dentist.

Content that sells

We write content that matters and, more importantly, will serve your practice for many years to come.

The pages and sections we write will never need to be rewritten – meaning you’ll only pay once for high-ranking pages that can provide you with patients for a lifetime.

We embed the magic of SEO for cosmetic dentists into our copy in a clever, optimised way that Google, patients, and dentists love.

  • 120 pages a year > Our precise site architecture plans will serve as a long-term content plan to create pages for the type of dentistry you want to sell more of.
  • Medical writers > Trained in creating successful dental copy that adheres to GDC rules and, at the same time, sells the practice, the treatment and dentists to the patient.
  • No page is a waste of time > We make content go further. Month to month, we’ll build strength to the core treatment pages produced, which will trickle down through the site’s perfect architecture.
  • Single implants
  • Multiple implants
  • All-on-4
  • Missing teeth
  • Dentures v implants
  • Zygomatic implants


  • Veneers
  • Smile makeovers
  • Tooth whitening
  • Porcelain v composite
  • Help and advice
  • Costs and offers


  • Invisalign Full /Invisalign Go
  • Invisalign i7
  • Costs of Invisalign
  • Pros and Cons
  • Aftercare
  • Does it hurt during the first week?
  • Offers


  • Knocked out teeth
  • Toothache/tooth pain
  • Abscesses & root canals
  • Extractions
  • Root canal
  • Costs and offers



Historically, Vanilla Circus is known for its power in helping practices dominate their local areas. Our dental digital marketing is hugely successful at generating qualified leads that convert into long-term patients.


Ready to sell

Our copywriters can create the perfect homepage copy that encourages patients to book swiftly. Our dental expert marketers include all web elements, from reviews to teams to USPs and points of brand differentiation.


dental marketing guide
Dental treatment marketing

Dental content, but better

You might have heard that content is King. And it often is when our experts are writing it.

We've seen sites accelerate to the first page by creating engaging copy alone.

Hence, when we take over a website looking at your core content and the words used is always the first place we look.

When working with Vanilla Circus, you'll never experience the standard set by freelance content writers.

We specialise in dental content and know what language to use that adheres to GDC guidelines.

We won't need your help

After reading our content, you might mistake us for dentists.

We've done this enough times! We'll never have to ask you a question regarding your treatments.

Therefore, we will only need information from you if you wish to include something.

We won't need your practice USPs - we're equipped to do the research and learn everything about your practice's history and your dentists to write these up for you.

When you employ Vanilla Circus, you're choosing professionals who can take care of your every marketing need without you having to get involved.

Our content creation process 

  1. Agree on a content plan with the practice manager or owner
    Create pages of content in batches to build large sections (for example, if the primary focus is dental implants, we'll begin there and likely create up to 10 pages (single, multiple, all-on-4 etc.).
  2. Content is proofed and edited by our in-house proofing and quality-check editors.
  3. Content is sent in a word document to the PM or dentist to read and approve.
  4. Within 5 days or less, the content is uploaded, designed in a template, and linked throughout the site.
  5. We design and create graphics that encourage patients to book an appointment and, for example, might feature an offer or a breakdown on dental finance.
  6. Pages published and sent to the dentist or PM.
  7. Pages are then boosted through other online media publications.

Who writes our content? 

Dental content is not straightforward, and creating exciting copy around missing teeth is even harder!

But our content writers, most of which have been with us for five years, have taken ownership of this niche - and know exactly what to do to trigger the proper emotional response.

Writer profiles:

  • Writers born and raised in the UK and are all local to London.
  • All writers hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Language or similar.
  • Based in-house, and have experience writing for magazines and major online publications.
  • Talented professionals with multiple years of marketing experience that allows them to create engaging content that sells.
  • Passionate individuals specialising in dental content, in particular, implant and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Our content writers created 568 pages of content in 2022.

We also offer orthodontic SEO.

Years of experience

You likely won't know who we are. But you'll likely know and recognise our clients.

Vanilla Circus is the secret behind several leading UK dental websites.

And now the secret is out; you can join them at the top of Google and take your practice from a local staple to a national name.

Where SEO will fail you if you’re not careful

As we're the SEO company that usually sweeps in and rescues sites, we often work with dentists who have tried and tested everything before.

And whilst this helps them better understand what not to do again, it also means they've lost faith in how magical SEO can be (when it works).

Truthfully, it's not SEO which is the problem, but rather the supplier.

Regardless if your SEO company has produced excellent results in the past, we know that working in private healthcare requires a lot more thought, knowledge, and precision.

Blogs aren't going to rule supreme here or help you retire early. Neither will dental practice advertising on Google or Facebook.

Get Seen by the right patients.

  • Long-term content planning
  • Site architecture
  • Keyword and content research
  • Word densities and optimisations

As we’ve worked with 40+ dentists, we know more than any other dental marketing company how valuable a dentist’s time is – and we bet you know it too.

So, stop wasting time and stop guessing the next best steps.

Rely on professional dental marketers like Vanilla Circus, who, for the last 7 years, have worked purely with dental practices in London and beyond.

Here’s why what we do works:

  • We strategise content in six-month blocks so we have a clear focus on what sections and pages need developing.
  • We highlight and analyse the content on your site (Does it rank, sell, or follow GDC guidelines? Is it correct? Is it unique?).
  • We don’t just concentrate on traffic but targeted traffic that will boost high-value products like dental implants and veneers.
  • Using in-house writers in London, educated in the English language and specialists in marketing, we create content that patients spend time reading. Our average read times are between 2.5/4 minutes.
Blogs vs pages

Blogs won’t earn your practice 30k every month

  • If your content strategy centres around the creation of blogs every month, stop right now.
  • If Google Analytics shows a list of blogs as your top-visited pages, change strategies now.

You might not know that it takes four blogs to produce a single enquiry. But, more worryingly, do you realise that this will likely cost you £8,100 for a single patient if they convert?

We use blog creation to convince patients and push them further in their purchasing journey.

Understanding what you're paying for:

The purpose of blogs

You might know that blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website. But your SEO company might have yet to explain the kind of traffic you can expect to receive and if it is at all valuable. And you certainly don't want to spend money that does not give you any back. So, when spending money to ramp up organic search results, be wary of blogs and be careful of their content - only create valuable pieces.

Relying on blogs for traffic

Your SEO company or content writers might have pitched "Top Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy around Halloween" - sound familiar? If so, this kind of blog will produce plenty of vanity traffic from all over the world - and if someone in the local area happens to come across it - ask yourself, what exactly will make them become a patient from this piece? And more importantly, what kind of patient will they be?

Forget average blogs

We're not anti-blog but more pro-treatment. So, when our in-house specialist content team strategies a blog to write, it will be one that patients can emotionally connect to, whether through fear, happiness, nervousness or even curiosity. For example, read our recent Turkey Teeth blog - it's a standard topic, but one in which that actually sells veneers. Plus, it beats the Daily Mail, the BBC and ITV2 on Google.

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