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“A number of our larger clients have in-house marketing departments or other in house resources”

When a client has in-house resources, Vanilla Circus© often acts in the role of an SEO consultant. It is a role we enjoy and excel at. As our senior consultant, Mr Sykes is available both on a consultancy basis and in a training role through the Train to Gain programme. (Now “The Skills Enhancement Fund”).

Creating a strategy, developing individual campaigns, critically reviewing the approach taken and being responsible for the deliverable are all part and parcel of being a successful SEO consultant.

Clear direction and instruction, concise communication and documentation (with the removal of ego) are additional tools that help transfer strategic knowledge into a workable day by day plan of action.

SEO Consultants on hand every day

Creative SEO Consultant, proven record of success backed up by a team of web experts

Mr Sykes heads up a team of five Google consultants at Vanilla Circus. With a combined SEO consulting experience of over 28 years and a skill set that includes optimisation, coding, copywriting, web design and web development, there is nothing that this team of marketing professionals cannot achieve in terms of organic search success.

Used as an outsourced SEO consulting service by a number of top Digital Agencies, Vanilla Circus© has one of the most enviable track records of any UK SEO consultants. If successful SEO is quite simply delivering the best results for a client’s keywords in Google, then “our SEO results” speak for themselves.

With a client retention ratio of over 87%, Vanilla Circus© forms long-term relationships with clients. One of the benefits our clients receive is our creative Internet marketing strategies, which include a range of supporting websites, traffic funnels, on-theme descriptions, permanent backlinks viral marketing ideas and implementation.

We offer a broad spectrum of organic traffic promotions and do not simply focus on reporting on your on-page optimisation or lack of.

A rock-solid foundation for long term SEO success

One of the advantages Vanilla Circus© have over all competitors and large or small SEO companies is that we have created a network of over 3000 websites that we control and publish. These sites are used for multiple functions, but a large minority are utilised to test and research all our SEO Search and Research Programme that looks for ever more effective means of improving on the SEO services we offer.

Another difference that sets us apart from all other SEO consultants and agencies is the way we work. We can offer a total solution and a hands-on SEO approach, which includes optimising a client’s website and the external link building campaign.

We can create copy, create new pages adapt amend existing databases, or we can work with your in-house developers, to optimise your website and to create a platform for a high Google position.

No clients are ever restricted to a limited number of keywords, nor are our clients ever tied in with any form of long-term contract. We know how important SEO is to help our customers achieve revenue targets and how our level of experience and expertise can be a deciding factor in choosing Vanilla Circus© as their search partner,

All we ask is an agreement that the client commits to a three-month contract.


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