For the majority of our clients if their phone is ringing then their campaign is going well

As the UK SEO Industry is held in such low regard, containing more than its fair share of charlatans and cowboys, we use this page as evidence of OUR organic search expertise

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All sites are on the first page of Google. See for yourself by clicking on a link below.

How VC measure success

Have a look at our making a start page. When we begin any project for a new client we ask for targets. What are we trying to achieve? It can be £100,000 worth of new sales or 1000 new enquiries. One target was to be found through organic search for a product on any search engine in any language, (we succeeded – read more on international SEO).

The point is SEO often gets lost in seeking #1 positions for a handful of keywords. Important improvements in on-site optimisation, form abandonment, landing pages, exit pages, long-tail search terms, supporting websites, blogs, articles and Web PR often get lost along the wayside.

How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working?

VC’s armoury is formidable. We have the in house skillset to undertake everything: from your terms and conditions written in Mandarin to create a bot to scrape data from your competitors.

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