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The most comprehensive SEO price list in the world

Welcome to our price list. We have included every possible SEO service we offer and broken it down into individual costs and the time it takes to complete each task.

It is designed to show our business customers the exact cost of what they are buying, so that they can choose between buying SEO as they go or opting for an SEO package.

And the time each task takes so that no one is being ripped off.

Price check

Word to the wise

We regularly check our prices against our UK competition. Vanilla Circus is a London office-based professional Limited company. 

Just take me to the prices.

We offer a much better service than most similar digital Marketing companies, and our customer care is superior.  Clients stay with Vanilla Circus for, on average, 2.7 years.

Our prices are on average 12% more expensive refelcting our experience and team.

If you are quoted a price for any of the SEO services listed in our section and find that the price is either more expensive or far cheaper (even non-UK), then perhaps pause; good SEO costs the same as bad.

If any company or person says a service or task takes much longer, ask why.

Price List

  1. Each SEO service is grouped under its title. Each price is listed by time to complete and cost.
  2. Prices do not include VAT. Our hourly rate is £95 per hour.
  3. Most of our SEO is sold on monthly retainers as packages.
  4. For a complete list of services and skill levels see our rate card.

Vanilla Circus charge a fixed monthly price that is as inclusive as possible of any work a client asks for. You are paying for our time and expertise to output what is required to achieve SEO success. We understand that some months will require different skillsets, especially at the beginning.

However, over 12 months, these tend to balance out. Should you exceed your hours one month, they roll onto the next month’s allocation. Larger projects like new websites and licences for the practice’s website functionality are not included. Any additional work can be quoted as required.

Prices and lead time for common SEO tasks

Can’t find the price you want, could be here listed under Miscellaneous Services; this includes our SEO migration services prices. For  SEO copywriting services see content



Popular questions and answers about the costs involved in SEO

We understand that the packages priced above are not for everyone.

We have created a price list of every SEO service we offer and an individual price and timescale for each.

We also offer pay-as-you-go SEO where clients can order, for example, 5 pages of content, 10 blogs, half a dozen backlinks or simply several hours of a consultant’s time to answer a complicated SEO query or question.

If you are looking for the very cheapest SEO packages and prices, then we are not the company for you.

We offer several small business start-up SEO packages and some introductory SEO packages.

However, our team has a combined experience of over a hundred years, and several of our consultants have been working within the UK SEO industry for nearly 20 years. That level of expertise comes with a cost.

We also have a very good track record showing our expertise. That being said, there are several cheap SEO companies which offer very good value-for-money packages.

However, as you’d expect for the money, they are very basic and unlikely to deliver the results you are looking for.

The honest answer is that you don’t. It is a little bit like advertising.

If we had a pound for every client who said we’d love to try SEO and if you can guarantee the results, then we will spend as much as it takes.

“If potential customers search for your services and products on Google, you will likely attract that business if you appear above your competition in a Google search.”

If the company is established and offers case studies and examples of successful work and work with companies similar to yours in size and/or in the same industry, they may be worth considering buying from.

Other considerations to include are:

  1. How long the business has been established?
  2. Are they a limited company do they have a registered office
  3. Do they work from home today or do they have a physical office?
  4. Are they prompt at answering the telephone and email?
  5. Have they answered every SEO question you have in sufficient detail?

The ROI formula is (profit minus cost) / SEO cost.

  1. Businesses that can factor in lifetime loyalty (doctors, dentists, accountants) and ROI of 3000%+ See here.
  2. In other businesses where returning customers is  25 %, then an appropriate ROI would be 120%.

We have seen many websites and digital marketing agencies discussing an ROI of 500%. This means that for every pound you spend on SEO, you should see a return of £1. This is rubbish.

The reality can be very different. Unlike PPC, SEO is much harder to quantify. This is because when you turn Google or Facebook ads off, any paid search traffic immediately dries up.

SEO is an investment in your website, not simply a pay-per-lead model.

Whereas all Vanilla Circus’ SEO packages come with content creation. So that even if you stop your SEO today, your website would have more pages, blogs, and backlinks than it did previously. So all this residual work has a value. But of course, how much is that worth?

A better way of looking at SEO and the way that you won’t hear any SEO companies talk about is the cost of acquisition. The cost of acquisition is the price your company has paid to secure a new client, a new piece of business, or a sale.

Simple example: you pay Vanilla Circus £1000 a month for SEO. At the end of the month your website has generated 10 new clients. The cost of acquisition is £100 per client.

Suppose that client is spending thousand pounds, then fantastic. We have an ROI of 1000%.

Alternative If a client is spending £50, we have a £500 loss. As a small business owner, you must decide on the value of either a new customer or the profit in a new sale.

An appropriate ROI for SEO can only be measured over a longer period, i.e. 1-2 years. Here we would hope to see businesses that can factor in lifetime loyalty (doctors, dentists, accountants) and ROI of 3000%+ See here.

For other businesses where the re-order rate for returning customers is 25 %, an appropriate ROI would be 120%.

Things to consider are customer lifetime values and calls and all of the physical SEO service elements that remain, i.e. content, blogs, backlinks, and images your website now has, which it didn’t have before. This is a tough question to answer.

When buying SEO on a budget is very understandable to go for the cheapest package.

Unfortunately, the saying buy cheap buy twice can apply.

Suppose you are hoping to increase your turnover by 20%. Can you realistically expect a £99 per month SEO package to deliver what, even for the very smallest business or freelancer, is going to equate to more than £15,000+.

Put a different way, Vanilla Circus will quite happily give you £99 a month if you are going to deliver £15,000 worth of revenue to us.

Yes. We know that working with highly regulated industries measn is is very important that we have processes in place to ensure we do not break any ruled. See SEO for financial services

Yes we do. It is really checking that the new website has pages and content that corresponds with what is currently resulting in your SERPS.

When we migrate your SEO and you have a new website when we do it your SEO results improve not go down. Prices start from £1200 per 50 pages.

All our SEO prices and packages can have managable elements.

We are unique in the sense that we offer the full remit of SEO services from technical and hosting to creative strategising. See managed SEO services.