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No Contract SEO

Do you want to pay for SEO work as required or needed?

We offer a 10-hour project package or bespoke search engine optimisation tasks using our price calculator.

It is a really good way of limiting your exposure and getting to know our capabilities and how we work—no Contract SEO.

You have two choices

  1. Order a 10-hour project-based SEO Work package and use the time as and when you want
  2. Order several content pages, optimization hours, consultancy hours, blogs or backlinks using our SEO cost calculator.
  3. There are no monthly or ongoing cost, just one payment.
SEO Special Offer: We have added a 50% discount on all orders.

We offer a 10 hours £999 package + vat

This is 10 hours which can be allocated to any task you want us to undertake. 

It could be optimising for particular keywords or researching how a competitor ranks above you, perhaps a technical SEO issue. 

The consultant is Mr Sykes and he has 17 years SEO experience.

Bespoke SEO Tasks

This is more of a buy-as-you-go. Here you use the estimator below and buy what you want. 

SEO Offer

Buy exactly what you need and enjoy 50% off*

SEO costs calculator

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All orders are completed in 14 days. You can use our SEO Pricing calculator to gain an idea of how much you should be paying. * Remember all our prices have a 50% introductory offer that can be only used once.

Want Prices for each SEO task?

Content Pages Prices

Content pages are defined as top level pages. These include serives or treatments, perhaps product your sell. 

They are more in-depth than blogs and cost a little more. They are usually 800 words.

Blogs Costs

Blog pages are more conversation like content which are written to elaborate on a service or product you offer or simply to show off your knowledge. They are usually 600 words.

Local GEO targetted content is the cheapest to produce. The reason is that there is a degree of repetition. They are usually 500 words.

Technical SEO is charged out by the hour and can be used to solve and fix any technical element of your website causing the site to appear lower in Google’s search engine. The most common fixes are site speed and other core metric issues,

Content Audits

Our Content audits are designed to correct and improve on all existing content. This includes grammar and spelling and on-page optimisation. It is not just listing your content or seeing what content is missing.

A content strategy starts with researching and cataloguing where your current organic search traffic is coming from and where your competitors are gaining there’s from.

The result is a comprehensive list of what content needs to be created and in what form ie as a page or a blog,

On Page Optmisation

This is sold by the page, not by the hour. Here we carefully go through a page and either make optimisation improvements live or we document them in a Word document for your webmaster to implement.

On-page improvements take into account everything from content, code, mark up language and internal links.

It is very comprehensive and something we are best at.

Drip-feeding backlinks into your SEO can increase organic search rankings by 10-20%.

Our backlink service includes outreach to speak to a website owner, the content for the backlinks and the anchor text and URL.

It is a slow, careful process to ensure the backlink is natural and future-proof. We have been building backlinks for over 16 years. 

DA or domain strength is approximately 10-35.

How are we to sucessfully build new backlinks to support our content. See prices and costs.

UX journey audit that looks to improve user engagement and lead to more enquiries and sales.


Whatever we do for you, you will receive a full report at the end of your work. If you have any questions or queries about your work you will have a direct telephone line tospeak to the person doing your work.

Unhappy with anytihng

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your SEO work, then you can speak to Mr Sykes our MD directly on 07802 944593 (9-5 Weekdays).  Any work not completed not of sufficient quality is refunded.

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