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Retail SEO is eCommerce SEO

Optimising products to appear highly in a Google search is very doable. It takes a degree of creativity and hard graft to make it successful.

What to watch out for

  1. Retail SEO differs from Service SEO in terms of content. Product descriptions and how-to blog posts tend to take priority.
  2. Duplication and plagiarism are often factors.
  3. Images are often not original.
  4. Technical SEO is also more important in shops, as there are categories and subcategories which can cause canonical errors. Standard e-commerce software like Magento causes site speed and indexing errors, whilst platforms like Shopify ringfence their software, making advanced SEO optimisation tasks more difficult.
  5. Site architecture is often an afterthought as several platforms force users to use their own.
  6. Check out and user journey is imperative to optimise for ease and speed.