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Vanilla Circus is a specialist medical SEO company.

We have worked with 48 dentists, three medical consultants and two large private rehabs, Castle Craig in Scotland and Smarmore in Ireland. We have also worked with a hospital/medical provider finder website, The Executive Rehab Guide.

We are well-versed in the rules and regulations around medical advertising, including dental marketing.

Our medical SEO services are designed to get more patients to your clinic via web traffic.  We achieve this through superior content that educates and reassures the patient that you are the right dentist or doctor. Medical websites are notorious for underselling themselves. Whilst no one wants a pay-one-get-one-free scenario, in the past, Vanilla Circus has found it necessary to add elements of self-promotion into our client’s content.

Whilst all medical content has to be true and free from false promises, there is no reason why we cannot mention prices/finance, past cases (with permission), awards or new staff.

Vanilla Circus are very familiar with Google’s rules for the UK medical sector, including E-A-T, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Without indicating EAT-like elements in your SEO strategy, your company’s SEO is going to be hampered.


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