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Find the right monthly SEO package for your business

All UK businesses are different, as are their sectors or industries.

Vanilla Circus have a great deal of experience in medical and financial SEO. Both of these industries have their own set of rules and regulations that need to be abided by.

We’ve also worked for many UK small businesses, e-commerce sites, solicitors, travel sites, industrial manufacturers, and property companies.

SEO for UK Businesses

Solve your SEO problems by supplying your business with monthly SEO packages perfect for your budget, industry and location.

Our SEO packages deliver the Google rankings, traffic and leads/sales you need and we can show you the proof. See our results or read our case studies.

Local Small-business SEO packages are designed for companies from one man bands to companies with turnovers of over 10 million. They are neither cheap nor expensive and offer exceptional value for money.

Suitable for dentists, doctors, surgeons, consultants, vets, health professionals, clinics and hospitals. All packages are monthly.

Suitable for a range of business sizes, from financial services to insurance companies to Accountants, tax advisers and private businesses lending their own money.

Our law SEO packages are designed for small and medium-sized legal practices and cover the full range of different types of law and criminal and family to property immigration and corporate.

We have worked with some UK estate agents in the past and companies specialising in lending money to private property developers. We have also worked for property maintenance businesses.

Vanilla Circus has advised eBay (2017) and successfully worked with many e-commerce websites that have sold a range of products, from mobile phone cases to rubber roofing products. 

We are familiar with Shopify and Magento platforms and offer monthly packages for both.

We spent seven years working for an private air charter company and have provided affordable monthly SEO services for a number of holiday and hospitality websites.

We work with several companies, from web hosting to software creation. We have worked with IT companies offering IT Support locally and in London.

We have worked with a number of large manufacturers, from Philips (lightbulbs 2018) to fibreglass mouldings (current), Northern Irish Steel companies (ongoing) and Industrial Glass manufacturers. (Moores Glassworks).



Popular questions and answers about the costs involved in our SEO packages.

The average SEO package costs approximately £1600. However, we offer small business introductory SEO packages that cost considerably less. All packages are priced based on the time Vanilla Circus is contracted to spend on a client’s campaign. We charge £90 per hour.

We offer the widest range of SEO packages in the UK. We offer packages that are just concerned with local SEO or national SEO. We offer packages suitable for medical companies. We also provide a range of small business SEO packages.  

SEO packages list exactly the amount of SEO elements like new pages, new blogs, backlinks pages optimised and the amount of time a client can expect Vanilla Circus to spend on their campaign per month.

SEO services, on the other hand, are a list of individual tasks a client may ask for. This may include optimising Google My Business or building several backlinks to a core webpage page. Here the services are priced individually and can be purchased separately from any package.

How long is a piece of string?

It is often quoted in SEO that the client cannot expect any results until after six months. However, it is our experience that if your website is over a few years old, then you can begin to see results within 90 days. Read more

To find the right package, there needs to be a balance of budget and expectation.

If you expect to become a millionaire overnight by paying Vanilla Circus £20,000 a year, then you could see how this could be problematic.

The right package for your business is affordable and sufficient to supply the right number of new leads and sales your business needs from its digital marketing.

One of Vanilla Circus’ most popular packages is our local SEO services.

Any location-based bricks and mortar company, like a dental surgery or a physical shop or even professional services like a divorce solicitor, where delivering that service normally means a physical client meeting, could benefit hugely from geo-targeted SEO. Geo-targeted SEO, also known as local SEO, ensures your business website ranks number one for keyword plus location.

Locations can be those towns and cities near your business or far. Vanilla Circus has over 16 years of experience in local SEO.

Yes, we do offer Nationwide SEO packages.

Like local SEO, we can expand the areas to cover every city, county and country in the UK. We can even go further than that and create content and websites that are located worldwide.

Normally Nationwide searches are defined as non-location-based Google queries. Simply put, a user inputs into Google search, which does not have a location. An example would be how to get divorced instead of divorce solicitors plus London.

Clients often change to this package once we have succeeded in ranking the number one for every keyword plus location variant.

It is an excellent way of gaining business outside your area and industry recognition for your expertise.

Yes, we do. You will find them very different from the computer-generated SEO audit packages that talk about code optimisation.

What we believe the client really wants in an audit is the information that covers the following:

  1. what my website is doing now
  2. what is wrong and
  3. what needs improving to generate business through the website.

This is a case of auditing not only the code of the website but also the content and the UXO user journey across the site.

Where are the barriers to a sale? Where is the user put off enquiring or making a purchase? What needs to be changed and implemented? It is a very good place to begin your SEO. 

An SEO package is fundamentally a shopping list of products and services that a client can expect to be delivered on a monthly basis.

Anyone can write a blog, and anyone with a few hours of learning can optimise a page. However, just like any other industry the more experienced and professional the operative the better the overall result.

What we mean by this is that it isn’t necessarily the list of services and elements in the package it is the skill and the experience and the company infrastructure behind the package and services that makes the difference.

When choosing a package from a search marketing company, ask a simple question who will be delivering this, who are they, and can I meet them?

It is often the case that the person selling the digital marketing services is not the person who is delivering the work.

Vanilla Circus is a small company of six marketers. Our customer service is very important to us if at any time you are not happy or wish to question any element of search engine optimisation we provide, then please telephone the office and ask to speak to Mr Sykes.

Mr Sykes is a co-owner of the company if he is not there you will be given his mobile phone number. You are free to speak to him, and he will rectify your complaint immediately.

To date, we have had four complaints in 16 years.

One of the biggest problems Vanilla Circus has been providing packages is managing expectations.

While starting small with SEO is a good idea, it is impossible on small budgets to revolutionise a company’s sales revenue generated from organic search with a small investment in marketing.