Client Onboarding

Before we begin SEO with a new client there are a number of action steps we need to make. These are invariable single steps and are only required to be done once. 

Typical Client onboarding Tasks

Set up cost from £699

Access Information

This includes access WordPress and accessing the client’s hosting account and setting up back ups, FTP access etc.


Google Analytics et al

Accessing and recording first data from Google Analtics. Access Google Search console and checking available data

Company Information & History

Begins of an SEO strategy
How can  your SEO strategy help meet your companues goals

In depth Audit

Everything from technical SEO to the number of pages, blogs, site structure etc

Smaller Website

£ 699
  • Single Fee
  • Less than 100 pages
  • All of the above checks
  • Report

Larger Website

£ 899
  • Single Fee
  • Less than 500 pages
  • All of the above checks
  • Report


£ 1200
  • Single Fee
  • Large store with muliple products
  • Numerous pages and variations
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