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Without researching Google and anticipating future algorithmic changes we would not be very good at our job.

Fortunately anticipating algorithmic changes is what we are best at.

We just ask ourselves the simple question, “How would we make a search engine better?”

Find out don't guess

We Love Research

We are lucky to have a founder who believes that our clients are really buying our research.

This means that at Vanilla Circus, we have a large budget for researching Google’s algorithm and anticipating the future of search.

To us, it is very exciting. If you are an SEO or an amateur and you want to call to have a chat with Mr Sykes (founder) then Fridays are always the best time to catch him. Friday is project day when most of the company works on something they are interested in.

Mr Sykes is no exception.


2023 White Papers

Domain factors

Is the right domain the secret to SEO success, or to problems lurk beneath the surface?

Data-Driven SEO

Published Data

“Most of the data we collect is not published however, some pieces are evergreen and are the more popular.

They normally focus on what ranking factors are truly important to rank within Google.”

Servers, websites, domains etc

Testing Enviroment

We have an expansive test bed of servers and websites worldwide.  It is paradise.

Spiders and Bots


As we are coders, we have a huge advantage over other companies, and we can scrape and garner information all over the internet.

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VC are a A multiple award winning agency
Data-Driven SEO

Factors That Can Rank Your Website Higher In Google

You will read many articles about which factors help your website rank.

Many factors are hotly disputed; some things are just controversial, some are entirely made up, and the vast majority can be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, there is usually some truth in most of them.

“One of the major difficulties in understanding Google’s system for ranking website is that people put their own human ideas into a “computer algorithm”. They are putting human understanding into computer code. They are so far apart regardless of what current AI tech would tell you.”


I have a nine-year-old child.

She is far cleverer than any Google algorithm could ever be.

She knows the difference between waving goodbye and waving hello.

The computer, of course, would have to have this coded.

With a glance, the child knows exactly if I am cross or happy or having some other emotion.

In no way can a computer understand this without lengthy code. AI learning is simply adding code at a record pace. But compared to the speed of human learning and awareness, AI has yet to discover FIRE. More.

Another factor to remember is that Google is meticulously fair. Google employs some of the best technicians in the world. They are the leading computer science graduates. Everything that gets added to the algorithm has to make perfect sense. Computer algorithms have to have logic; otherwise, they will not work.

Many things are simply beyond custom code. Computers are just not that clever.

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