Vanilla Circus is a leading SEO company based in London.

Our team has top SEO consultants, designers, devs and content creators. Combined, we have over 65 years of experience.  
Our professional staff are all graduates and are based in our office in SW19, close to Putney. 

Our Work

All of our work involves creating a bespoke digital strategy, so that our SEO work reflects your goals & targets.
We offer all SEO services enhanced with our Sales and Marketing knowledge.

We are trusted

Along with other industries we also work with medical & financial companies, both have rules/regulations that need careful adhering to.

We are specialists

We don’t offer PPC or Social Media. We are experts at generating organic search traffic and anticipating the next Google algorithmic changes;  our work is future-proof.

Excellent reputation for success

Our SEO results are better than any other leading SEO Agency. See here. 

Start gaining more revenue from your website. Email us or telephone 020 8405 6418.

20 ways we can improve revenue through SEO


    • We can tell you where you rank in Google for all your keywords, where your traffic is coming from, which top pages are converting, and which web pages are losing customers.
    • We can compare this data with your competitors.

Improving what is there

    • Optimise and re-write all your metadata so your web link in a Google search is clicked on more often than your local London competitors, and pages gain more traction and a higher ranking.
    • Ensure that we check every page on your website for spelling and grammar and optimisation opportunities

Creating an SEO plan 

Adding pages

    • Write a GEO or local SEO section for your website effectively to ensure that you rank #1 for keyword + Putney, for example, and optimise content for other London locations 

Optimising core pages

    • Optimise all existing pages and make any technical SEO changes as appropriate
    • Execute our plan to support and improve rankings and organic search traffic for your Putney-based company’s core keywords
    • Improve both tone and voice to meet those of your audience
    • Re-write content to be more in line with the client’s marketing and to rank highly within Google
    • Ensure all content follows Google’s best code of practice
    • Add CTA, reviews, and sales content to improve conversion rates
    • Add new high-quality bought digital images where appropriate
    • Source and build new strong backlinks to support our new content pages 

Add top-level pages to support competitive keywords

    • Create a content plan for the business moving forward to support more relevant competitive keywords.
    • Write blogs to attract ‘interest’ traffic by writing more conversational/informative articles.
    • Look at improving the UI and CX of the website.
    • Brainstorm: ask questions like how can we tap other audiences, how can we sell more?

Transparent Reporting

  • Report on precisely what we have done and why. List all code and content created.
  • Update the content plan and strategy document.
  • Have monthly zoom meetings to catch up and explain and confirm our campaign direction/plan.

Photo of Martha at Vanilla Circus

Get in Touch

Why us VC


  • We are a team of 5 incredibly talented digital specialists. 
  • Our clients stay on average with us for 3.2 years.
  • We work very differently, focusing on sales and marketing ideas combined with creative content and ideas.
  • We are both affordable and easy to work with
  • We were established in 2009.
  • We have worked for huge companies like eBay and Philips and many SMEs.
  • Members of Nominet
  • Features on BBC 4 and in the Times
  • Office in London near Putney

Affordable and worth every penny
We have several SEO packages designed to suit most SME budgets.

We are flexible

Contract, consultant/advisor/freelance or project-based

We offer three-month contracts or project-based work in Putney.

A project may be designing a new site or adding 10 new blogs
to a client’s website. On the other hand, it
could be creating a GEO section, so your website ranks for all your keywords + Putney.

It may be connecting with an experienced SEO consultant near Putneyto solve a specific problem.


Interested? Please don’t take our word for it

See our results here. 

If you are impressed, then email us or call on 020 8405 6418. Ask for Mr Benedict Sykes.

Tell him about your website’s problems and see if his advice is worth spending your SEO budget on.  

He is always at our London office, which is close to Wimbledon should you want to meet face to face.

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