The exact number of backlinks you require is MORE

A simple answer is to compare the number of backlinks pointing to your website and compare it to those competitor websites that rank #1.#2 and #3 for your core keywords.

Where can I compare sites?

Majestic SEOThis is SEO Majestic. There are many other SEO backlink profile checking tools but Majestic is our choice at the moment. Why? Because their index is more up to date than Moz. Click here.

What next?

Here lies the problem. SEO Majestic and other link profiling tools try their best to score a backlink. They do this by counting the number of backlinks a website has pointing to a domain and giving each a score based on TRUST and CITATION.

However, they do not own a search engine and their metrics are not always accurate. It is Google’s metrics that are important.

However, Google has withdrawn its link metrics (PageRank) and has reduced the amount of information they are releasing on backlinks.

For example, you used to be able to search for and Google would show you a snapshot of linking websites, not anymore!

So what now?

A website that has more backlinks to it should be more powerful than a website with fewer backlinks.

Possibly, but if website A has three links from the BBC, and the NHS and website B has links from blogs based abroad, which has a stronger profile?

The answer seems obvious.

However, a website is not a single home page; users may find a site by searching for keywords which Google ranks an internal web pages. These individual pages may have more links to them, even though in total they have fewer backlinks. It becomes a minefield of what constitutes a strong backlink.

It is complicated. Then, of course, we have anchor text, internal linking structure and the use of link language.

Backlink prices and packages

‘The only stupid question’ is the one you did not ask

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