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Take a Backlink trial for only £499.

OK, we know that in the SEO world link building has had a bad press.

Google updates

There have been a number of Google updates, Google penalties and a number of websites have fallen foul of blatant cheating by building exact match anchor text from domains of dubious or little value.

So why should you trust another SEO agency?

OK, we ask all of our clients to believe nothing until we can prove it. So one popular product is for companies who had a bad experience with SEO companies is to take a link building trial.

  1. We select a target keyword which is located at the bottom of page 2 or three or four of Google. This is because it is not always easy to move a keyword from number 4 to number three with links alone.
  2. We then build 5 new links to the keyword’s hub page if it has one to the homepage and appropriate other pages within the website.
  3. We then watch and monitor that keyword move up Google rankings. Unfortunately, there are no refunds as we have completed all of our work. At the end of the trial, the links are maintained for a year where possible.

It is that simple

In 14 years we have only had two cases where the keyword refuse to budge.

The cost of a link building trial is 33% of our normal link building service. You can buy now button below and we’ll be in contact with you regarding keywords and targets. We believe in transparency. After we complete our work we then send a complete report to a client.

The overall process takes three weeks, at the end of it we hope we have gone some way to restoring your faith UK SEO industry. Alternatively, call (020) 8405 6419 and speak to an expert.

The choice is yours.

FAQ- All questions answered.

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If you would like some clarity on your backlink profile and ways to improve it then call a Link Building Consultant with over 14 years experience on call 020 8405 6419 and let yourself be the judge of his experience and SEO expertise. Click here to email.

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