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“When it comes to high-quality link building Vanilla Circus© is the clear leader in the field.”

VC has been a member of Nominet since 2010
VC has been a member of Nominet since 2010

587 Successful Backlink building campaigns

superior backlinks

Current SEO strategies demand backlinks. With over seven billion web pages coming on every week, Google needs to know which are the cowboys and which are credible.

VC offers clients 12 years of link creation experience and knowledge combined with high-quality UK backlinks that will move your website up Google’s rankings and that is a fact.

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The proof is in the pudding. All domains are hand-selected and all content is professionally written. A client receives a worksheet listing all domains used and content used. Change can be made. VC will assign keywords, anchor text and hub pages to link to or this can be specified. Costs are £89 inc per backlink created. DA 20+. Lead times are 10 working days. Or see packages.

What you get

  • 100% unique and carefully optimised content by VC’s in house writers.
  • We outreach to UK websites with high Domain Authority quality metrics.
  • We find suitable placements on UK websites, where we have a pre-existing relationship & can guarantee all links with remain for a year
  • All UK domains and websites selected have been tried and tested for backlink strength
  • All domains are selected to match and surpass your competitors’ backlink profile
  • All backlinks/anchor texts are carefully crafted to link to the correct hub pages increase optimal backlink balancing
  • 100% natural manual link building with a balance of high and mid-range DA sites that are regularly updated
  • Full submission report including backlink URL, content, anchor text used, the page linked to

How we build backlinks of such exceptional quality

Your SEO needs to be future proof. VC’s natural link building is a tried and tested manual process that gives maximum attention to looking as uncontrived as possible. Why does a website need backlinks?

At Vanilla Circus© we have been building person to person links for 14 years and have developed advanced strategies that can provide clients with the necessary strong backlinks that form the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. Our experience.

Boost Rankings. Drive Traffic. Improve Sales

If you would like some clarity on your backlink profile and ways to improve it then call a Link Building Consultant with over 12 years experience on call 020 8405 6419 and let yourself be the judge of his experience and SEO expertise.

Click here and send us your contact details and we will call you back on the same day.

All link building is performed by creative content marketers. All content is aimed at promoting your business and selling your products. We can tailor your project to your business’s needs & goals.

All work is performed in London SW19 in house. We do not outsource anything ever. You can talk to your content creator. Their job is to learn about your business and know what to write and how.

We offer content and blogger outreach, business accreditation and association, press release distribution and infographic promotions.

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Backlink prices and packages

But don’t take our word for it, call 020 8405 6419 and let yourself be the judge of our experience and SEO expertise.

See: All your questions answered.


Link Building Service

Would you like to know a little more on how we build backlinks and why our service is more effective than any other SEO Agency?

We are known as the very best link building company in the world: trusted by over 100+ UK/US Agencies

But then we would say that, wouldn’t we?

OK, how can we convince you that this is true? You found this website so that is a start.

Would a trial of our services help? Give us any keyword that is ranking on page three or lower and we will move it higher. Cost £499.00. Lead time 3 weeks. Interested?

Hard work, good results

Manual backlink building is not often seen as glamorous, however, it is an essential SEO ingredient. Why?

The work we perform is the result of highly-educated, intelligent SEOs using advanced software and hands-on experience to source suitable websites and then creatively brainstorming innovative ways to obtain links that are published and maintained.

Backlinks, domain authority, citation score, link juice, how many, which anchor text? It is enough to give anyone a headache

Our experience

Vanilla Circus© was named as a “vanilla” or white label product for other SEO Agencies to use for out-sourcing their external backlink creation. VC has been used by over 103 other agencies in the UK and in the USA.

We can create some of the most powerful incoming hyperlinks to your site using an anchor text strategy that is both natural and effective.

We are primarily a link building company. The care and attention to our link building can be seen in our Online Communications arm. We aim to achieve for our clients the very best backlink for our clients that is both successful in improving their Google rankings and useful for traffic generation.

We cannot name any of the companies due to our strict non-disclosure policies, but if your business has moved from one SEO agency to another over the past 5 years at some stage VC will have been asked to build backlinks. See our packages for prices.

SEO Success

Building links can only ever be seen as an addition to core SEO techniques. Key is the website content and code, along with a degree of social media. If the structure of the website and the general optimisation do not reflect the backlinks being built then only a short term gain can be expected. More about our service.

But don’t take our word for it, call 020 8405 6419 and let yourself be the judge of our experience and SEO expertise.

See: All your questions answered.

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