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Starting Work

What We Need To Make A Start On Your SEO Marketing

When VC begins a client’s SEO, we create a tech doc. This is a text file where we store all of a client’s logins and access data. One of our beliefs is that all our clients should control their domain and hosting.

Data-Driven SEO

What's Required

Below are several logins and data required from a client to implement work, report and analyse results.  

We also have included an example of the contract we ask all new clients to sign.


Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

Add user / Permission FULL

How to do this?


WordPress / Shop Logins

Permissions can be set to the editor but may have to be upgraded to Admin should you wish VC to work at a more advanced level.

How to do this? (WP)

How to do this? (Magento)

Uploading files

FTP details

For uploading files


Useful Data

Past SEO


  • Keyword data from any source (PPC, research, old data)
  • Any additional SEO reports or analysis carried out previously
  • Any industry-specific keywords/phrases
Top Sales

Top selling products or services

List of most important/profitable products/services



Any history of how the site ranked previously / any significant changes in ranking.