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Traffic Is For Vanity, Conversion Is For Sanity

But Why Bother?

This Is Why


Client A has web traffic of 5000 users per month
Sales per month = 1000
Conversion rate = 2%

If we can improve your conversion rate by 1% to 3%, this would result in an additional 50 sales per month or 600 more sales a year without the need to spend any more money NOR require any more traffic.

Do I have your attention?

Measure success background ruler measuring wood block with word success and copy space

CRO Conversion Analysis Not Everyone On The Internet Is Not Your Customer

If you are more familiar with advertising then conversion rates from SEO are going to disappoint you. ADs by definition, are targeted at consumers who are ready to purchase.

SEO has the advantage of being able to target users at all stages of their buying journey.  See search intent.

This results in more traffic, but as they are not all ready to buy today, a lower conversion rate. This is not to say that if all your traffic is of the organic variety, you should not bother with conversion quite the contrary.

SEO/Organic: The upside of organic search is that there is much more traffic from a range of different users, browsers, devices and countries. On the first page of Google, the first five organic results account for 67.6% of all clicks.

A Few Methods We Use To Increase Conversion

  1. Provide more incentives
  2. Optimise Website Page Speed On Mobile and Desktop
  3. Determining The Lead Audience
  4. Adding USPs
  5. Viewing pages on Desktop and mobile
  6. Breaking up content into manageable chunks
  7. Improving company reputation, reviews, awards etc.
  8. Completing an enquiry
  9. Form optimisation and new methods of contact (LiveChat, Whatsapp etc.)
  10. Add people and team members to pages.
  11. Changing the narrative away from about us to what you can do for ME

We like  HotjarVWOOptimizelyGoogle Analytics, and Dave Garr and Darrell Benatar UserTesting.

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