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One of the great myths of SEO is that it takes 90 days or three months to see any improvement in rankings.

  1. Whilst SEO is often a question of hurry up and wait, the idea that there will be no results in the first 30 days is incorrect.
  2. We have data from over 1,000 SEO campaigns in 14 years to justify this.
  3. Certain SEO impacts can be felt immediately.
How fast you can expect results

The Timescales Of Dental SEO

  • The improvement in rankings, i.e. the position the new pages are given within Google, is instantaneous.
  • An existing dental practice website that Google has indexed will already rank somewhat in the first 10 pages for a range of keywords.
  • The keywords might not generate any traffic, but Google has been visiting that website weekly and taking a copy.
  • Content that Google hasn’t seen before gets an artificial boost for the first few weeks. Google’s Freshness  Systems.
  • The lead time from adding content to the website and Google indexing the content is usually within 96 hours.
  • Indexing is accelerated by submitting the URLs through Google Search console.

Googlebot has learnt that this is a dental practice that offers a range of treatments from dental implants to Invisalign, root canal to fillings and has been doing so for X number of years.

Remember that if your website is over 10 years old, this is the equivalent of Tudor times for any regular pre-Internet business. Google will have approximately 250 copies of your content to compare and learn from.

Getting you ranked faster

It Is In Fact, Very Fast

Example. If Vanilla Circus writes new copy for a website and adds a whole new section on Invisalign (treatments, advantages, cost, etc.), Google will include this new content in its index within 7 days.

By indexing the new content, Google has calculated a score for the new pages with a number from 0 to infinity. It has also re-scored the domain.

In reality, the website will not rank #1 for Invisalign; however, it will appear in Google almost instantaneously, ranking for ‘Invisalign + your location’ or the cost of ‘Invisalign + your location.’.

Whilst this will not make any dentist a millionaire overnight, it will result in several new leads coming into the practice.

How your website’s performance is affected

What Slow Can SEO Down

Answer: A no-content, purely backlink approach. The effects are slower if you do not add content to the website and instead undertake a link-building campaign.

For these new backlinks to take effect, websites with a backlink must be indexed by Google, who must then take all this new knowledge and create a new page score. But, remember, your competitor’s webpages are also being re-scored.

Backlinks multiply a web page’s score and forms the foundation of Google’s success as a search engine. Example PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)).

Backlink’s importance is hugely underestimated. However, building backlinks is a slow process in the context of how long SEO takes.

For example, the result of a new link-juice feed into the website is approximately six weeks. Interestingly SEMRush, a recognised authority on SEO, talks of six months to 12 months. It is interesting to note that SEMRush is not a commercial agency and does not realise that the clients are not prepared to wait 6 to 12 months for results.

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Depending On The Competition, Progress Takes Time

SEO is a process of hurrying up and waiting.

“Every piece of work we do this month will bear fruit next month. In the case of backlinks, it is the case of two months.”

Successful SEO is a delicate balance of new content, pages, blogs, videos, backlinks, social media signals and now reviews, etc.

However, we know that after speaking to over 500 businesses looking for SEO that 95% of organic search campaigns fail. Clients regularly change SEO companies or give up and use Facebook Ads.

  • At VC, the average client lifespan is 3.7 years.

Vanilla Circus contracts are monthly. If we are not generating results in Q1 then there is a problem.

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