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What Any Digital Guru Needs to Know About Google

There’s no denying that Google Search is a digital giant, but how big is it really, and how can you use Google’s facts and statistics to boost your own website presence? 

As your helpful SEO advisors, we’ve compiled a list of Google statistics and highlights that will reveal the search engine’s true power and even how the giant plans to adapt to recent advancements in AI technology.

Let’s jump straight in!

  • Google processes 8.5 billion searches every day
  • Google occupies 92% of the search engine market
  • Every 60 seconds, there are 5.9 million Google searches [1]
  • The top-ranked websites on the first page of Google see a 22.4% higher CTR [2]
  • The Google Search Index is more than 100,000,000 GB in size [3]
  • On a mobile, the CTR for position 1 is 22.4% 13% for position 2, 10% for position 3
  • Only 37% of searches occur on a desktop, with 63% accounting for mobile searches [4]
  • In the UK, 3.85% of searches are carried out on a desktop, with 96% of searches being on a mobile [5]
  • Google searches and keywords are usually only three to four words long
  • Featured snippets appear twice as much on a desktop compared to a mobile
  • The most Googled terms were ‘YouTube’ and ‘Facebook.’ Facebook received 322 million monthly searches [6]
  • 15% of daily Google searches are brand new [7]
  • Google’s autocomplete typing feature saves the world 200 years of typing time per day. [8]
  • 8.46% of global searches are not done through Google, which makes up 91.54% of the search engine market. Further, Google claims 82.47% of the desktop search engine market and a staggering 95.16% of the market share on mobile. [9]
  • 66% of all website traffic comes from Google referrals, with Facebook taking second place as the second largest provider, with 5.1% referrals in 2019. [10]
  • Compared to mobile, desktop searches result in fewer clicks; for example, 25.6% of searches result in zero clicks, while on mobile, it is considerably less, with 17.3% of searches. [11]
  • Images appear 12.5 times more often on mobile searches than featured snippers and Google Ads, which show twice as much on a desktop. [12]
  • 19.49% of consumers use Google to discover new products. Furthermore, 45% of shoppers utilise Google to research purchases they intend to make, whether online or in a physical shop. [13] 
  • 50% of online shoppers noted that reviews weren’t enough to convince them to buy and that images helped them make a purchase. [14]
  • 46% of keywords used have local search intent, and 77% of consumers use Google when looking for local business information. [15]

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