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Why Are You Spending Money Writing Blogs?

Blogs provide fresh, relevant content that search engines crave. Do they, though?

Are you a business owner with expert knowledge of your products and a wealth of industry experience writing these blogs, or have you outsourced it to an agency that secretly uses AI to create content that is as dull as dishwater? If you create poor content with nothing new, then Google, the cleverest software company in the world, with copies of every website and book to compare, will reject your work as stale.

You could also argue that Google wants fresh content. Every time you edit a webpage, Google re-scored it. However, if you are ranked #1 in Google, you can only really go down, so why would you create more content that will force Google’s hand?

Increased Website Traffic and Sales

Do blogs bring traffic to the site?

Undoubtedly, if the following 4 steps are taken

  1. You have a professional content writer on your team
  2. You brief them on what your clients are looking for and are interested in reading.
  3. They are looking at Google keyword data and confirming your topic choice
  4. The content and images they produce, in your opinion, have value.

Then, Google will reward you with traffic.

Do they increase the number of sales or leads, or are you now in the business of providing free content for the Internet?

This depends. Are you location-based? If you are, and most of the traffic to your new blog posts comes from America, then I cannot see this making you any money. What about brand awareness? Well, what benefit would this have unless you are selling to Americans?

The Reality

  • It creates more indexed pages
  • You can target (and rank) for more long-tail keywords
  • Blog posts are perfect for adding internal links
  • It’s easy to share on social media
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