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Dipped Your Toes in SEO Before? Did You Achieve The Following Results?

If you’ve tried SEO in the past and found it to be ineffective, we’re sorry. Perhaps you didn’t invest correctly, worked with a company that didn’t develop an effective strategy, or executed the work in a way Google loved. 

Whatever the reason it didn’t work, we’re here to restore your faith and show you that it can. Being at the top of Google is not just reserved for big-named brands you’re familiar with; many of our clients can certainly attest to that.

So, if you’re thinking of trying SEO again, here are the results you can and should achieve and always use them as a benchmark for your progress and success. Need an SEO company to achieve the below for you? Start a conversation

1. More traffic

Increased web traffic in the form of clicks and visits to your website which can convert users into paying clients.

2. Heightened credibility and trust

Consistently ranking well and appearing higher in search engines enhances your brand visibility and credibility in your industry.

3. Be the top of your industry

Ranking highly and having good SEO gives your brand a competitive advantage over competing companies and individuals who rank below you.

4. Better quality leads

SEO delivers pre-qualified leads, attracting users and customers who are already interested in your service or product. Plus, using various keywords, you can target customers at any stage of their purchasing journey.

5. Less expensive and more reliable than PPC

SEO generates cost-effective leads and sustainable traffic for the long term, unlike paid advertising, which delivers no traffic once they’re turned off. Users are also hyper-aware of sponsored and advertising links and often avoid them, especially if they’re companies they’ve never heard of who have cheated their way to the top of Google. 

6. Improved user experience (UX)

SEO work often involves optimising website structure, navigation, and content, which is proven to result in higher engagement rates and conversions.

7. More substantial return on investment

Compared to traditional advertising formats and methods, SEO typically offers a higher ROI as it targets users and customers already interested in the products or services offered. Advertising is magical but never guaranteed – where business owners can only hope it reaches the right person at the right time. With SEO, you’ll always reach the person you want to target whenever they search, giving you a better chance to convert.

8. SEO is for the long run

While it might take some time to yield and generate the right results, the benefits and effects of good SEO can be long-lasting and felt for a long time. If you make no drastic changes to your website, they will provide your business with sustainable organic traffic and leads over time.

9. You won’t just reach a local audience but a national one

SEO is scalable. It’s possible to reach your local, national, and global markets. SEO can help expand your reach and attract customers from around the country or the world, depending on whether your business wants to target national or international markets.

10. SEO will teach you a lot about your customer

Analysing SEO data can give your business valuable insights into customer behaviour. Learn about their preferences, search intents and buying behaviours so you can better develop informative marketing strategies that answer their questions and deliver what they want. 

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