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7 Factors That Affect Local Business SEO​

  1. Site architecture and URL structure
  2. Internal and external linking
  3. Use and vary location words in the anchor text, like London dentist, dentist in London, etc.
  4. Website content that defines the location. This does not mean it lists the local sites to see but understands that a location is a city or town with a county, a postcode and, of course, neighbouring towns and locations.
  5. Local SEO backlinks (local citations). These are defined as anchor text in the same paragraph where the location is mentioned. For example, Vanilla Circus is a Surrey SEO company. They are not just the name and address of your company but repeated ad nauseam across endless directories.
  6. Reviews from customers in the same area or region as the business.
  7. The number of pages dedicated to a single location using the location town within the content but not in the menu header or footer.

Local SEO made simple and affordable

8 Factors that do not affect SEO for local business as much as you think

  1. Google Local/Google My Business entries
  2. Developing Google local listing, images, blogs, offers
  3. A physical address in an area
  4. Quality/Authority of Structured Citations (basically, web directory listings!)
  5. Social media signals (links + location)
  6. Past Google Analytics recorded user location data
  7. Domain IP or backlinks sourced solely from locally based websites.
  8. Google Map Citations

Off-Page Factors​ Affecting Google Local SEO​

Google looks for online signals that corroborate your claims within your content that you are indeed located in the area your business claims to be in. However, it is not an exact science.

Off-page is about SEO factors like backlinks, reviews, content marketing, social media, etc. All of these aspects form a recognition signal that validates the claims made by a website. The list seems long; however, only parts affect your ranking position in Google. 

Backlinks and signals are confirmation of content; they are reliable witnesses to your small business’s USP, product offerings and services. However, not all backlinks are counted the same. 

For example, a link from would be much more effective than one from a small neighbourhood business.

Give us a call, and we will explain how our process for local search success works and give you some tips and advice on the best methods to grow your local search presence.  Interested? Call 01483 921741. Or learn more about local SEO.


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