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Stuck for Dental Marketing Ideas? Here’s What We’ve Done Digitally That’s Worked

After working with over 40 dentists, we have found that they struggle with developing new marketing ideas to market the practice.

Practice managers and principals tend to rely too heavily on traditional formats like exterior signage (which we’ve seen to produce very little results) and social media platforms to communicate their message, all to little avail.

However, as their websites are the prime source for acquiring new leads through organic search, it’s much more important to focus on marketing strategies to turn browsing users into patients.

But as a dentist’s expertise is not digital marketing, the best input we usually ever get is with offers, which are not always exciting and seen across the world wide web. So, what can you do that’s different to help your practice stand out from the crowd – and where have we seen success?

1. Using gifs to market services and products

Maida Dental implant finance offer

Animated GIFs, working similarly to videos, capture a user’s attention when reading through pages on your website. Relatively easy and inexpensive to create, GIFs can be impactful to make short little videos that highlight your costs, products and services.

2. Using dental adverts to increase conversion

composite veneer offer

In this age, it’s difficult to retain a user’s attention through text alone, and images, the next best visual to graphics can stop users in their tracks and summarise services and costs – which many customers are crawling your web pages to find. In these instances, we use graphics that look like adverts to highlight the costs and benefits of treatment – linking the graphic to a landing page with a booking form to collect their information.

We create specific landing pages targeted to their treatment, taking them one step closer to booking their treatment.

3. Using video marketing to create a brand

screenshot of video marketing

As discussed in this post, video marketing is a powerful tool to evoke emotion in users and convey your brand. Setting you apart from the crowd, they build trust and credibility among potential customers and can be used to highlight your location, services and staff.

On this particular some dental websites, video marketing is used as the hero header on the homepage to promote brand awareness and identity, showcase the practice’s services, and highlight its unique selling points, like the use of an in-house CEREC milling machine.

4. Using pop-ups to promote open days

Maida invisalign open day

This practice had a certain amount of spaces to fill for their Invisalign open day. It effectively sourced 32 leads who wanted to attend the event, resulting in the practice adding additional spaces to accommodate. The important factor here is where the pop-up banner is linked. We tested two different versions, one with a landing page and a contact form and another that fired an email straight away. In this case, the one that fired the email was more effective as it meant the user didn’t have to put in too much effort to send an enquiry, whereas the contact form produced fewer results. Patients also had the opportunity to book via Live Chat with an operator, which resulted in three users engaging with the chat.

Dentistry magazine has some good advice.

5. Using finance to sell higher-value treatments

finance example

While we use graphics to show how affordable finance can be, as shown left, we also include custom forms embedded into a page, which results in the user submitting their information then and there. Using the above form (pictured right), we can assess the user’s viability for finance, capture their information and deliver a warm lead to the reception team, who can then get the customer to book in for a free consultation.

6. Using video marketing to show off skills and expertise

While there are several ways video marketing can boost sales, in this case, we’re using video to highlight the dentist’s skill, experience and expertise. With this particular dentist, we found that the team pages acquired lots of visitors, showing that potential cosmetic patients were interested in who their dentist would be. As another tool in our arsenal, these videos familiarise the potential customer with the dentist and the surroundings to encourage them to take one step further and book.

7. Using pop-up banners to advertise Local Offers

free consultation image

Pop-up banners, traditionally are used to promote discounts, deals, offers, promotions and open days, which you might have seen on websites encouraging users to sign up to get 10% off, for example.

While they can be good for stopping local audience users in their tracks and encouraging bookings, they can also be viewed as annoying, especially when business after business copy each other. In this instance, we use pop-up messages to promote free consultations and pricing changes, which are more engaging to a user. For example, this specific pop-up resulted in an additional 92 conversions within one month, showing just how great they can be.

Don’t think you can do this alone? Get in touch with us.

We not only take care of your digital marketing but boost your presence organically by positioning your practice on the front page of Google for search terms like “dental implants”, “Invisalign costs”, “All on 4” and so much more.

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