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Nothing is more frustrating than your seach engine optmisation and new content  not working and shelling out money every month to a company that never gives you a straight answer on why your Google does not appear to value your site. 

We list the most common reasons and questions you can ask your marketing company.

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Wrong company, budget to low

Pay too little, pay the wrong people

Every client we have spoken to is quick to blame their previous marketing team, but it is not always that simple. Sometimes, the work fails as the client has unrealistic expectations or simply gives up too soon.

Did you pay too little

If you are paying a monthly retainer, what exactly have you bought? 

Did your present company provide you with a list of deliverables per month? This means the number of pages optimised, backlinks built, blogs written, and pages written.

If you don't have a document that spells this out,  the reason your SEO is not working might be because:

  • Your present company are not actually doing anything worthwhile. Sad but very often true. A recent client was charged £1500 to optimise their site for keyword + Hertford. The company just added Hertford to the meta title and three times on the page. They next wrote three fake Google reviews using the word, you guessed it Hertford.
  • You are paying too little for any effective work to be done. Your budget is too low.
  • The company you have employed are web designers or sell PPC and don't know anything about Google Search or how to get your site ranked #1.
  • Your chosen supplier is employing techniques that are out of date. (This is very common.)

What to ask your current supplier

"I would like a report on exactly what I can hope to receive for my money. I want to know exactly what has been achieved this month. I want this to include all optimisation tweaks, new content or blog pages, and the total number of hours spent on my business's website."

Vanilla Circus have the most detailed reporting in the UK industry. It includes exactly what you have purchased, what you have received and most importantly, why the work was done.

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Perhaps your agency are working hard but with no tangible resutos

Wrong research, poor planing

So your team regularly updates your website, adding new content and making all of the right technical improvements but still no results.

What is often the case is that the content writers are not talking to the team that adds the content to the site, who in turn are not talking to the people optimising the site so Google will rank the site highly.

Perhaps there is no plan

At Vanilla Circus, the first step in working with a new client is to outline a three-month plan. This includes keywords we are going to target, pages and blogs we are going to create, technical issues we are going to address and key competitors we are going to beat.

All plans are different. However, the right strategy will likely follow the following steps and actions.

  • Ongoing keyword and key questions research.
  • A plan to target less competitive keywords or to undertake local content pages (keyword + location).
  • Professional Content planning and creation.
  • Correct site structure optimisation.
  • Use images that evoke emotion and complement the content.
  • Daily Google position monitoring and reporting.
  • Sourcing new backlinks and encouraging reviews.
  • Edit and further optimise pages as they climb into the top 20 positions in Google.
  • Identify which pages convert and plan how to gain/exploit the traffic.
  • Identifying where traffic is being lost and why.
  • Analyse traffic and results data to adjust strategy.
  • Competitor analysis (any company ranking above us) what are doing, offers, pages, content.
  • Identify new avenues of organic search traffic. How else can we sell more?
  • Creative thinking to develop offers new ways of saying the same thing differently.
Google is a hard taskmaster, and organic search success is hard. However, there are many companies that offer similar search engine services very few can actually deliver.
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Your Campaign is incomplete

Half the job

“Almost done” is not done.

Successfully harnessing the power of Google's free non-ad content is a little like fine dining. Miss a course, and the meal is ruined.

Search is similar.

It is not sufficient to optimise the code or meta tags of a website and expect the website to rank #1 in Google.

Google Visibility is a fine balance of:

  1. Correct code, ensuring site speed and adequate Core Web Vitals
  2. Quality non-AI content 
  3. Web Design and UX optimisation (user journey)
  4. Off-page. (backlinks, social media signals, reviews etc.

Without one of these 4 elements, the work you do preparing your website to be better received by Google will be optimal, and other companies who tick all these boxes will appear above you.

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