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Why is small business SEO very different from corporate SEO?

First question: can I do it myself? To answer that if you are paying less than £1000 pm then Yes. In reality your website will always rank behind any competitor who has found a decent SEO company.

With a larger budget, you would use many different marketing types to test what works and what doesn’t. Email marketing, Facebook ads, content marketing, digital billboards, the choice is endless. There is no such thing as bad advertising.

What we know to be true is that when it comes to SMEs, budgets do not allow for endless marketing consultants or creative strategists to help drive marketing.

SMEs often choose one marketing channel at a time. The choice is dictated by time, trust and money. Without access to consultants and experts, the business owner lacks professional advice and is forced to learn about digital marketing or start risking money. Choosing an SEO company for SMEs is typically done by price. By cheap by twice.

This is the usual history of an SME’s SEO history we have heard 100s of times since 2007




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