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SEO as a marketing process

SEO is a process of hurrying up and waiting. Our work in one month will not show results until the following month. SEO compliments PPC or other advertising as we create a more effective website with in-depth content.

It is a lengthy process of convincing Google that our client has superior online information and offers a better (business) service to be positioned above other dentists in search results. This is why we charge a fixed monthly retainer as the work is ongoing.

Whilst there are many strategic discussions to be made, once that information is in place, we follow the same SEO process we have developed over 17 years.

7 Point Process

  1. Create a content plan that furthers the practice’s goals for patient acquisition.
  2. Execute a content plan:
    1. Write content, developing a tone and voice.
    2. Upload content to the website.
    3. Write metadata and choose the URL and site structure for future-proofing.
    4. Add images.
    5. Optimise and interlink content into the site.
    6. Submit to Google.
  3. Analyse and monitor how Google receives the content (SERPs).
    1. Further, optimise content to improve Google’s position.
    2. Write additional content to support keyword variations (cost of, how-to etc.).
    3. Introduce off-page optimisation techniques like backlinks and social media signals.
  4. Analyse page/section traffic and conversion rate analysis.
  5. Ask for practice feedback on new patient numbers or any missing information.
  6. Make changes and improve content.
  7. Repeat with new keywords.

If you use this process religiously, you will be able to gain more and more organic search traffic. We appreciate that it is a big ask for any business owner, but it can be done one page at a time. The website’s SEO must have a plan, objectives and milestones to keep everyone involved and motivated. See SEO SMART goal setting.

KPIs & Measurement

There are many ways a Small business can see if its SEO is working.

These can include:

  1. Organic Visibility
  2. Organic search traffic
  3. Lead Conversions Rates
  4. Location Keyword Rankings
  5. General Keyword Rankings
  6. Bounce Rate (now engagement)
  7. Backlinks profiling (includes competitor)
  8. Page Load Time
  9. User Engagement/Average Engagement Time
  10. Social Signals, reviews
  11. Click-Through Rate (CTR) (impressions/clicks)
  12. Google Business Profile Metrics
  13. Site Architecture and Internal Link improvements
  14. Branded (Practice name) vs Non-Branded Traffic


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