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Web conversion for dentists

Implementing accurate dental website conversion is not rocket science. 

It is invaluable and will provide your marketing team with the insights they need to make the right SEO decisions, whilst saving time and money on the cost of aquiring new patients

Dental Website Conversion made easy

What is Dental Website Conversion?

Web Conversion occurs when a potential patient initiates contact with your dental practice AND provides a method of returning their call, email, form submission, LiveChat, Enquiry bot chat or WhatsApp message.  

An enquirybot message counts as a conversion if it contacts an email and telephone number
An enquiry bot message counts as a conversion if it contains an email and telephone number.


Potential patients may contract the practice without leaving their contact details; they may provide their email but refuse to provide their telephone number.

Then there are typos, receptionists or practice managers not logging the correct data or missing duplicates, or the tracking events may have been set up wrongly in your Google TAG Manager.

Why persevere?

  1. Peace of mind: know which treatment or offer web pages are generating your sales.
  2. Superior Planning and Strategy: allowing for a data-driven decision process instead of using guesswork or intuition.
  3. Make More Money: increase your sales and profits by providing more patients at a lower cost of acquisition.

Examples Of a 'conversion'

  1. The patient calls your phone number or sends an email
  2. Patient leave their email address
  3. Patient books an appointment online leaving contact details

Conversions are loosely defined as enquiries from patients where is it possible to reply to them. Ie their data has been captured. A phone call where the enquirer’s details are not taken is not really an enquiry!


  1. What is not useful to count as a conversion?

    1. The patient downloads a coupon/pdf (unless an email address is supplied).
    2. The patient signs up for an event.
    3. A patient leaves a Google review.
    4. Patient views a particular page or pages. 
    5. Scrolling behaviour, link clicks, video activity and other sundry nice to knows.
    6. A PHONE call where no one takes the callers details.
Get it right first time

Adopt Best Practice

Even though Web conversion is controlled by computers and supplied by Google through their analytics platform, it is NOT foolproof.

The reason for this is that humans are involved.

Best Practice for accurate website conversion recording

  • Duplicates are the biggest problem for accurate conversion tracking. Systems need to be in place to catch these.
  • Conversion tracking must be as automatic and as automated as possible to avoid human error.
  • No matter how well planned there needs to be some margin for error.
  • Only track conversions that result in a sale, not page scrolls, dwell times etc.
  • Ensure you track all phone calls, emails, forms, chatbots, social media messengers, online booking forms etc. It is suprisingly easy to miss one!


Price of setting up conversion tracking

What does it cost

The cost of setting up accurate conversion tracking is low.

It can range from a few hours working with Googles Tag Manager to setting up new conversion elements on your website like new forms, WhatsApp buttons, Enquirybot etc.

Below is a quick guide to the cost

Setting up Google Tag Manager to track emails, forms and telephone numbers.
£160 + vat

Adding Live Chat of Enquirybot to a website.
£50 + vat

Adding new forms to a website using a plugin like Web Forms or Gravity.
£35 per form


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