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SEO & Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2023 For Daily Tips and Advice

With so many names in the SEO space presenting conflicting opinions, it can be tricky to know who to listen to – and seeing that SEO has the power to rocket your sales, it’s critical to follow the right advice.

Well, take it from us, the experts. Here are the relevant names (in no rankable order) to listen to right now when optimising and improving your website’s SEO…

1. Neil Patel


*Rated top ten marketed by Forbes and a New York Times bestselling author

The very smart and credible Neil Patel has been a favourite of mine for many years. I know him most for his very long guides and how-to articles on his website. But he’s gained more popularity through his YouTube shorts, explainer videos and the creation of a free site audit tool, Ubersuggest (which is great for SEO beginners, by the way).

Ten years after I started reading his blogs, Neil Patel’s fame has grown so much, making him a prominent, well-known name in the marketing industry.

2. Tom Marriott


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A micro-influencer who presents his SEO content in a fun way, Tom Marriott posts SEO tips and humorous posts that make learning a little bit easier. Tom’s career in SEO began ten years ago in a start-up, from which he progressed to working with large FTSE100s and international enterprises. Listen to a podcast.

3. Sam Despo


One of my newer discoveries and recent favourite finds is Sam Despo Marketing, owner of two digital marketing agencies. His videos are informative, SEO newsworthy and easy to understand. Somewhat revealing the marketing of the future, Sam shows how the use of free tools can boost your online presence and also recommends the best platforms, servers and CRMs to use.

4. Lily Ray


The funky SEO expert by day and DJ by night, Lily Ray, offers useful and insightful tips that answer the questions you should be asking about Google’s algorithm. For example, the tweet above touches on an important aspect of SEO that we don’t always hear about. We know that Google is looking to rank the best person or company possible who is credible and experienced, and we don’t often talk enough about how Google determines this.

5. Brian Dean


It’s safe to say the founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean, knows his stuff. In the past, he’s been referred to as the ‘King of SEO’ and sits on the ten marketers list with Neil Patel and a few others on this list. Want to follow him? Catch him on YouTube – where you can find him at the top of search results for SEO. However, Brian is somewhat of a one-trick pony; he talks on YouTube but is scarily absent on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook SEO-wise.

6.Dulma Tara


This is good if you’re trying to decide what to invest in on a budget

♬ original sound – Dulma 🦋


Specialising in direct-to-consumer marketing and branding, viral marketer Dulma started her career with Google in 2017 before launching her own brand. With over 100,000 followers on TikTok, Dulma has a wide variety of videos that showcase everything from motivational videos around finding your purpose to insights on how to grow your business and brand – as well as tips to help you get started on a budget. Not a great influencer elsewhere on social media.


Rand Fishkin still remains our guiding star!


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