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Why am I not appearing on Google?

Is this your problem.
  • Your website does not appear on page 1 of Google.
  • Your website is lost below your competitors.
  • The only traffic you get is from advertisements.
  • What you have tried is not working.
how much SEO will truly cost your business

Problem Explained

The problem is not with Google, it is with your website. 

You do not appear on page one as Google …

  • Does not fully understand your website.
  • Does not like or rate your content.
  • Cannot find other websites that dispute this opinion (link to you.)
  • Perceive your website as hard to use or simply poor.
  • Deems the site to be untrustworthy or simply unknown.
We have successfully corrected this 1000s of times.
Problem fixed
Fixing The Problem is simpler than you think. We are no reinventing the wheel, we have done this over and over again since 2009.

How to fix the problem

4 simple steps to improve your SEO

01. Optimise Existing Content

Two things that will need improving. 1. Code, 2. Dental Content. We make an exhaustive list of all technical SEO errors and creative content issues and then correct and optimise all blogs and pages.

02. Drive Traffic

We analyse your competitors traffic to discover new data on which keywords are driving their free Google traffic (organic traffic) and make a plan. Explain.

03. Add New Content

Using our keyword data we plan out our content and start writing.
We add the content in a way that Google likes and ranks on page one (Optimisation).

04. Build Strong Backlinks

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your content. We outreach appropriate website to create powerful backlinks. These improve your Google ranking position.

What does it Cost?

Cost is dependent on the following:

  • The scale of the work (website size & market competition).
  • Skill level of the technicians required.
  • Speed and scale of expected results.
  • Expected revenue results.
How does SEO work?

Quick FAQ

Q: Does this mean my business needs a new website?
A: Not yet, but probably in time. We first need to see if your current site can pay for itself.

Q: How long does it take?
A: New site 90 days, existing site a little faster. What controls the page? Read here.

Q: Can you guarantee results?
A: No, we do not own Google.

Q: Should I also advertise?
A: It is advisable to continue your PPC whilst your website gains traction on Google.

If you have other questions, complete this form and schedule a call. More.

More Questions?

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